When Can I Use Clippers After Hair Transplant?

When Can I Use Clippers After Hair Transplant?

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Many patients want to know when and how they may style their hair after a hair transplant, and what the best haircut after a hair transplant is. The hair length you could prefer following a hair transplant is mostly determined by the surgical procedure you went through. Patients who have FUE hair transplants may often wear their hair very short, such as a number 1 or 2 grade cut. Individuals who have had FUT surgery, on the other hand, may need to keep their hair at grade 4 or longer to disguise the linear scar produced by the process. So it is not suggested for the people who undergo the FUT method to have a buzz cut after the hair transplant. But how soon after a hair transplant should patients cut their hair short and use shaving equipment?

Shaving Your Head After a FUE Hair Transplant

Before a hair transplant, the hair is either completely or partially shaved in preparation for graft extraction. The extent of hair loss, the specialist's suggestion, and the patient's preferences all influence whether a complete or partial hair shave is performed. Hair will begin to grow back in both the donor and recipient areas shortly after the transplant. However, the length of the newly transplanted hair and the old hair on the donor area will differ. This difference in hair length may make patients feel self-conscious about their appearance. As a result, individuals frequently choose to get a haircut right after the procedure. However, you need to know that having a very short haircut right after a hair transplant may cause the transplanted hair grafts to get displaced. Eventually, it will negatively affect the success of your operation.

It takes at least two weeks for the hair transplants to take root and solidify in the scalp. During this time, any unexpected movement or contact with the grafts puts you at danger of losing them. Aside from that, the scalp following a hair transplant becomes exceedingly sensitive and painful, taking about a month to recover. So, shaving instruments may harm the scalp, resulting in infections and a lengthier healing time.

When Can I Get My First Haircut After Getting a Hair Transplant

The general view is that the first haircut after a hair transplant might be done after the first month post-surgery. However, the scalp is still mending and requires your continuous attention to fully recover. As a result, while obtaining your first haircut, avoid using sharp shaving instruments and instead choose for scissors.

When their hair becomes too short, most men prefer to shave it with hair clippers. However, hair clippers cannot be used for three months following a hair transplant. You must remember that shaving at number 0 and using clippers should be avoided during this time since the scalp is still sensitive and vulnerable to infections.

Hair transplants are big journeys that you do not need to go through alone. There might be confusing times where you do not know what decision to make. This is where we, as the Asmed team, come in for guidance and help. If you have any questions regarding do’s and don'ts before hair transplant or what kind of haircare program to adopt after the surgery, do not hesitate to contact us!

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