Buzz Cut After A Hair Transplant

Buzz Cut After A Hair Transplant

after hair transplantation

When your healing process ends after the transplant, you can resume your old haircut routines. However, you need to not rush into it. It is common for people who have undergone a hair transplant to be impatient to have their first haircut in order to design the hairdo they have wanted for a long time. But you need to be careful before trying anything.

Assume you recently underwent a hair transplant. The phrase “hair transplant aftercare” will appear frequently. It is because, in order to have the optimum results, you must be particularly cautious for a period of time and strictly apply the aftercare guidelines. So, before you have a haircut, you should realize that even washing your hair requires care. You will experience swelling after the hair transplant, so, it will not be sensible to cut your hair soon after the surgery. Moreover, your scalp will be very sensitive, and you will experience a headache after hair transplant, and any oppression will just make it worse. In short, shaving the head after a hair transplant is not even an option for a while post-surgery.

When Can I Cut My Hair After the Transplant?

Your scalp will require extra treatment and care for the implanted grafts to properly settle. After ten days, the transplanted follicles will be in a secure position and will have rooted in themselves with the skin. After a period, you will see that the hair you had before the hair transplant will continue to grow, and the rate of growth for normal hair will be faster than your newly transplanted hair. If you do not like the look of your hair because of the difference in growth pace, you can get it trimmed, but only for the donor region, not the transplanted hair. It is also best to wait at least 3 weeks before getting a haircut. Shaving machines need to be in touch with your scalp, and your scalp will be very sensitive after the transplant. So, if you want to use a shaving machine for your haircut following a hair transplant, you should wait at least 6 months for a completely risk-free haircut. The answer to the question “how short can I cut my hair after a hair transplant?” then, that it is okay as long as it is not in touch with the scalp.

If you recently had a hair transplant surgery, you may be concerned about your first visit to the hairdresser. It is natural to be concerned about this. Here at Asmed, the professionals will strive to provide you with as much information and reassurance as possible during your journey. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Asmed team!

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