Coverage Value

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Coverage Value: Standardizing the Scientific Criteria for Determining Coverage

The Coverage Value calculation was developed by Dr. Koray Erdogan as an objective method to standardize scientific criteria for calculating coverage through two components; density and thickness. This criteria addresses not only overall coverage, but also creates a standard for avoiding donor depletion, an issue that has been an area of trepidation to hair transplant surgeons for some time and especially where higher graft counts are concerned. Since the two items of greatest concern to both the patient and surgeon is donor capacity and good coverage, this is the main objective of the Coverage Value Calculation.

The Calculation

With Coverage Value, the question of hair coverage is determined by establishing area through a geometrical formula; the multiplication of the number of hairs in a given area of the scalp by the hair’s thickness. With the assistance of several tools, and especially now with the recently developed KE-Bot robotic scanning system, the calculation becomes very accurate, allowing the surgeon to respect the calculated Coverage Value by determining the total number of extractable grafts from each scalp area (occipital, parietal and temporal). This is an extremely important concept when considering the trends in FUE surgery where multiple surgeries and mega-sessions are becoming more common. The World FUE Institute has adopted the Coverage Value Calculation as a worldwide standard for determining donor capacity and coverage.

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