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Asmed’s customer assistance department is composed of a multi-lingual staff that is always ready to help and support patients in their respective languages. We have native speakers of German, Italian, Spanish, English, French, Turkish, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Slovenian, Danish, Azerbaijani and Czech. Assistance is provided before, during and after surgery, and the staff is readily available to help and assist with any questions, concerns or emergencies 24/7. We offer transfers to/from the airport to our Surgical Medical Center by private ASMED car and propose different options for accommodations inside the clinic as well as in nearby hotels. If you are interested in our services, including a professional consultation and evaluation with Dr. Erdogan, please fill-out the consultation form below.


Consultation Form

Please, follow points 1 and 2 below in order to schedule a personal and professional evalutation of your condition:

1) Correctly fill-in the space related to your personal and contact information, and also the questions in each section.

2) Upload your pictures to this form by clicking on the “take photo” tab below or by attaching your own photo file. Photos must be clear, of good quality, and show the real condition of your scalp including the donor area (the posterior part of your head).

Once we have received your pictures and information, we will respond as soon as possible with Dr. Koray Erdogan's professional preliminary evaluation and rough quotation.

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