Shaving Head After Hair Transplant

Shaving Head After Hair Transplant

Updated at Jun 9, 2022
after hair transplantation

Hair transplants are marvelous operations to restore hair growth for the people who deal with hair loss. After undergoing a hair transplant surgery, many people try to hide the traces of the procedure. Some people decide to cover their heads with hats whereas some decide to use their hair short. But haircut after a hair transplant surgery is an area you need to be careful about. This is very crucial because if you cut your hair incorrectly or too soon, hair follicles might fall off, and your transplant might not be as successful as you wish.

When Can I Shave My Hair After the Hair Transplant?

Before shaving your hair for the first time after a hair transplant operation, you need to wait for your newly transplanted hair to hold on to your scalp and adapt to their new location. Hair grafts are not secure until after 14 days past surgery. Any traumatic event could result in the fall off of the hair follicles. So, you should definitely not cut or shave your hair within the first 2 weeks after FUE surgery. Professionals generally suggest shaving hair at least 1 month after the hair transplant surgery. However, there are many doctors proposing that 3 months after hair transplant is probably a less risky option.

Can I Use A Shaving Machine After A Hair Transplant?

Within the first month, you should certainly stay away from traumatizing your scalp. It is largely recommended to cut your hair from the ends by using scissors for your first haircut after a hair transplant. You might also wonder, “how short can I cut my hair after a hair transplant?”. Since your hair will not be extremely long after a few months past surgery, you should be careful while cutting or shaving your hair not to create any wounds on your scalp. Therefore, shaving too soon after surgery might be risky for both the success of your surgery and the health of your scalp.

Shaving Head Before and After the FUE Hair Transplant

You might be wondering whether a hair transplant without shaving head is possible. The truth is, before a hair transplant operation, you will need to partially or fully shave your head to prepare your scalp for the removal of hair grafts. Whether you need a full or partial shave will depend on the level and type of hair loss, and your doctor will inform you on that matter. After the hair transplant surgery, your hair will start to grow back in a short period of time. However, it is possible for you to experience a length difference between your newly transplanted hair and the rest of your hair. You might feel uncomfortable or insecure with this imbalance of length, and you might prefer cutting your hair. If you want to cut your hair within the first month of surgery, you could cut it except the newly transplanted area. You should not touch the recipient area for at least a month. Any sudden friction or trauma will damage the hair grafts that were transplanted and will result in them falling off.

Hair transplants are life-changing surgeries that many people who suffer from hair loss or balding prefer. Turkey is one of the top countries that is known for its high success rate of hair transplant operations worldwide. People who consider hair transplant procedures often have a lot of questions. This situation continues after you undergo the operation. So, if you want to have a hair transplant surgery, you should be in touch with doctors from the clinic you choose. Medical staff in Asmed will guide you along the way and will make sure to answer all your questions regarding your hair transplant and health. Here at Asmed, our top priority is to make sure your operation becomes successful along with your health and safety. If you have any questions, contact the personnel in Asmed and you will have all the answers you need!

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