What is a Hair Graft?

What is a Hair Graft?

Updated at Mar 24, 2022
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Hair loss is one of the biggest hair health problems of today. Almost 85% of men experience hair loss or hair thinning before they become 50. 40% of women also experience different forms of hair loss, usually not as severe as of men, before they turn 40. Hair loss is sometimes taken for granted. It could be seen as normal since hair loss could be temporary. In other cases hair loss is continuous and is on the verge of balding, people try many things to prevent it. Different hair care routines and operations might be used to stop or slow shedding or thinning of hair. When the hair growth of a person is below average, it could cause stress on the person. Since hair is one of the most important parts of our looks and self-confidence, it is a dramatic and frustrating situation to lose it. Fortunately, there are actually various options to treat, replace or restore the hair that is lost. One of the most popular options today is a hair transplant. There are different types of hair loss, such as temporary hair loss, and each should be taken into consideration while any of these operations are undergone. A hair transplant surgery is basically harvesting healthy hair follicles from other parts of the body and transplanting them to the balding area.

A graft is simply a term used for a strip of skin that contains hair. There are usually multiple hairs in each hair graft. Grafts are typically taken from the posterior scalp during surgical operation. Determining the size and shape of the graft is actually very easy thanks to technological tools.

The purpose of hair grafts is to kind of create the grafted area’s hair growth in the area where hair cannot grow that much. There are two typical methods used to remove the graft from the donor site. With FUT, grafts are removed with the use of stereoscopic dissecting microscopes. With this technique, the grafts taken are moved to the recipient area one by one. While using FUE, on the other hand, there is no need to remove a donor strip, but follicular units are taken individually instead.

How Many Hair Grafts Are Needed for a Hair Transplant?

The number of hair grafts needed for each patient is different. There are different factors that this number depends on, such as the level of thinning for the patient, the hair’s quality in the donor area, the size of the area that requires a transplant, and the technique (FUT, FUE). Sometimes the predicted future hair loss also is taken into consideration while determining the number of hair grafts taken from the scalp. However, on average, between 1500 and 1600 hair grafts are required for a hair transplant repair.

The Survivability of the Graft

There are many factors that determine the success rate of a hair transplant. One of them is the survivability of the grafts. If the grafts that are taken are not strong enough to survive the procedure, then it will be a big loss for the hair transplant. There are certain factors that affect hair grafts’ survivability. Hydration is very important, for instance, for hair graft survivability. The temperature is also important. For hair grafts to survive, they should not be in a hot or dry place.

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