Haircut After Hair Transplant

Haircut After Hair Transplant

after hair transplantation

You must have discussed the hair loss experience you had with your barber. In addition, as your hair loss worsens, your barber may recommend different haircuts to achieve the best look with the hair you still have. The majority of our patients express their dissatisfaction with their barber experiences following hair loss. Fortunately, a hair transplant can help with such issues. When you get your hair back after the transplant, you can go back to your old haircut routine. It will look exactly like the haircuts you had before your hair loss. We've also noticed that our patients can't wait to get their first haircut after hair transplant in order to design the hairstyle they've wanted for a long time. So, one of the most frequently asked questions about hair transplant procedures is: When Can You Get a Haircut After Hair Transplant?

Assume you recently had a hair transplant. The phrase "hair transplant aftercare" will appear frequently. It is because, in order to achieve the best hair transplant results, you must be extra cautious for a period of time and strictly adhere to the aftercare instructions. So, before getting a haircut, you should be aware that even washing your hair must be done with care. Your scalp will require special attention due to the time required for grafts to fully settle. After about ten days, the transplanted follicles will be in a stable position and will have sealed themselves with the skin. It is best to wait until they are completely sealed and the scalp is free of scabbing, scarring, and redness.

Haircut After FUE

After a while, you will notice that the hair you had prior to the hair transplant will begin to grow, and the rate of growth for normal hair will be faster than the rate of growth for FUE transplanted hair. You can get a haircut if you don't like the look of your hair because of the difference in growth speed, but only for the donor area, not the transplanted hair. It is also best to wait at least three weeks before getting a haircut.

After the second month, your transplanted hair will begin to grow, but it will be much thinner than the rest of your hair. They will fall for the last time in a short time. This is a condition known as Shock Hair Loss, and just like baby teeth, the new hair will fall out and regrow with greater density and thickness. The new hair will be resistant to all types of hair loss and will be permanent. After you have thick hair again after the shock hair loss, you can get a haircut, but only with scissors for a while. As previously stated, the transplanted grafts are extremely delicate at first. Even after they have been sealed and secured, getting a haircut with a shaving machine may harm the transplanted hair follicles because it does not work like scissors.

Scissors can cut hair from a certain distance away, whereas a shaving machine must be close to the skin. So, if you want to use a shaving machine for your haircut after a hair transplant, you should wait at least 6 months for a completely risk-free haircut. We understand how badly you want to get a haircut after a hair transplant at Asmed. We recommend that you wait at least 5-6 weeks before trying out a new hairstyle. You will have more dense, thick, and healthy hair as a result.

The health of our patients is our top priority at Asmed. We strive to provide our patients with the highest level of medical care in order to ensure their safety and comfort. We provide detailed information about the process to each patient based on their specific requirements and needs.

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