Headache After Hair Transplant

Headache After Hair Transplant

Updated at Jun 9, 2022
after hair transplantation

Nowadays, hair transplant operations are considered to be one of the safest operations. However, since those are cosmetic operations, difficulties could be unavoidable from time to time. Hair follicles are planted and extracted on your scalp during a regular hair transplant process. Since the scalp is made up of delicate tissues, an explosion of sunlight can cause it to burn. Because the scalps are individual organs and one of the body’s smallest organs, your hair transplanted area may react differently to each of them.

Headache is one of the common complications of hair transplantation recovery, along with swelling after hair transplant operations. The majority of the patients might have headaches after the following days of the operation. Since your immune system attacks the hair follicles, the situation causes headaches. These attacks generally result in your transplanted hair strands falling out. This is called shock loss after a hair transplant. However, it is not a serious issue since hair follicles remain undamaged during this phase. You will grow all of these hair strands back. In short, there is no need to be alarmed when you experience headaches after your hair transplant operation, since they are actually signs that you are recovering.

Why Headache Happens After A Hair Transplant

Your scalp undergoes a traumatic experience during the surgery, so, naturally, it will try to heal itself. Most of the headaches after surgery, therefore, are not dangerous to the health and the results of your hair transplant.

In case of a headache experience, you should consult your doctor immediately and ask for suitable painkillers. Do not use any painkillers without consulting your doctor. Moreover, your total physical recovery may take up to 9 to 12 months. You can see the results and the increase in hair density over time. So, you need to be patient and careful after a hair transplant.

What Happens After a Hair Transplant Surgery

In the aftermath of the operation, your scalp might be tender, and you might need pain medications for a while. Your surgeon will make you wear bandages for at least one day. Most of the patients are able to return to their work 2 or 5 days after a hair transplant surgery. However, you should avoid sun exposure and swimming after hair transplant procedures for your hair follicles not to be damaged. Moreover, doctors suggest you quit smoking after hair transplant surgeries for the best results.

If you are considering a hair transplant operation, it is normal to have concerns about the after-effects of the surgery. The Asmed team is here to guide you along the way and make your hair transplant journey more comfortable. Experienced medical staff in Asmed will make sure to answer all your questions and help you to have your desired outcomes from the hair transplant in Istanbul. You can consult the Asmed doctors for further information.

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