When Can I Sleep Normally After Hair Transplant?

When Can I Sleep Normally After Hair Transplant?

Updated at Aug 10, 2022
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Following a hair transplant surgery, there is a healing phase that must be followed in order for the restoration to be effective. Hair transplant aftercare is very crucial for successful outcomes. That is, the way you wash your hair and sleep following a hair transplant will affect the procedure's effectiveness and the length of FUE hair transplant recovery timeline.

A FUE hair transplant surgery is a difficult operation. Your surgeon takes follicular units from a donor location and inserts them into the recipient area one at a time. It is your responsibility to guarantee that no hair follicles in the surgical region are damaged during hair transplant first week. Here's how to sleep after a FUE hair transplant and properly care for your new hair.

Why Is Your Sleeping Position Important After A Hair Transplant?

Considering your scalp is delicate, and your hair grafts are frail, the position you sleep in after the hair transplant is critical. You may not achieve the intended effects if you do not properly sleep. You risk damaging the hair follicles, necessitating an extra operation. You may also have further swelling on the scalp, which will only delay the hair transplant donor area recovery.

How Should You Sleep After A FUE Hair Transplant?

You should sleep on your back, straight, keeping your head and back raised, ideally at a 45° angle. Sleeping on your stomach may harm your transplanted hair and create more puffiness. To keep your head appropriately elevated and to avoid hurting the hair follicles on the head, place a pad beneath your pillow. Also, be careful not to toss and turn during sleep since it will damage the hair follicles.

When Can You Sleep In A Normal Position Again?

For at least 1 week following the procedure, you should follow your doctor’s advice for how to sleep after hair transplant. One week is the amount of time required for your transplanted hair to settle and the incisions to heal. You should be able to sleep normally and resume your usual physical activity 10 days after your surgery.

At Asmed, you can have a high-quality FUE hair transplant and regain your thick hair in no time. Asmed doctors and the medical staff will take excellent care of you following surgery. They will give you the essential aftercare materials as well as important information for the best post-op care and recovery. If you have any additional questions concerning the hair transplant in Turkey or how to sleep after an FUE hair transplant, or to book a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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