FUE Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

FUE Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

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FUE or follicular unit extraction hair transplant is done by taking hair follicles individually from the donor area and implanting them on the scalp where hair follicles are not growing hair. If you have thinning hair or balding problems and want to have thicker hair, you might be a good candidate for an FUE hair transplant operation. After the transplant, newly implanted follicles will adjust to their new place and grow hair that will result in healthily growing hair in the areas where you were struggling with.

What to Expect After an FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplant recovery timeline is one of the most common questions asked by people who consider a transplant surgery. Recovery from FUE is actually very quick, if you wonder. However, you might experience a bit of discomfort or swell for a few days after the surgery. Many people have this misconception that they will not experience falling out of hair after the surgery. Some hair may and will fall out during the recovery. It is a natural part of the healing process. Remember that your scalp has experienced trauma due to the surgery. It might take some time to recover from that trauma and adjust to the new situation.

The key factor during the recovery is preventing any kind of infection in the area that experienced surgery. Typically, 7 days after hair transplant, with the help of the prescription your doctor gave you, the discomfort and swelling after hair transplant will start going away. Generally, in two or three weeks after an FUE hair transplant surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out. You do not need to worry about it since the hair follicles are not falling out and this is also a part of the healing process. After a few weeks, your new hair will start growing. Obvious results are seen typically after a few months. Of course, the recovery process is affected by you. Some people recover from hair transplants quicker than others. Your doctor will make sure to provide you with follow-up examinations to keep you updated on the recovery process.

You should be careful about what to do after a hair transplant surgery. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions. Your doctor will also talk to you about what the best vitamins after a hair transplant are. Usually, they prescribe you those vitamins to make sure you consume enough. If you keep up with your doctor’s suggestions, you will have healthy hair follicles that produce hair in about a year.

If you have gone through a FUE hair transplant surgery or are considering undergoing one, it is more than normal to have many questions, especially about the recovery process. The timeline of the recovery might scare you a bit, but the good results will meet you actually very quickly. If you still have confusion about the process, contact the professionals in Asmed.

Here, in Asmed, the best surgeons will inform you about the process of an FUE hair transplant in Turkey, the side effects of a hair transplant, if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant, and more. Do not shy away from consulting the Asmed professionals if you have unanswered questions. Hair transplants are life-changing events and we are here to make it safer and easier for you!

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