What is the Shaft of the Hair

What is the Shaft of the Hair

Updated at Nov 22, 2022
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Different layers and forms make up hair. The tough protein keratin is what gives your hair, nails, and skin's outer layer their strength. The big molecule keratin is composed of chains of amino acids, which are smaller building blocks. Knowledge on hair structure is used while figuring out the hair loss patterns, which are crucial when it comes to treating the hair loss.

The Root of the Hair

The top layer of skin is called the epidermis, as may be seen in the diagram below. Each hair grows from an epidermal depression. The hair follicle and the hair shaft are the two components that make up hair.

Hair Follicles

The place where hair grows is called a hair follicle. Here are the basic facts about the hair follicle within hair structure:

  • The hair bulb refers to the last portion of the hair follicle within the skin.
  • The structure created by cells that are actively growing is the hair bulb.
  • The long, fine, and cylindrically formed hair fibers are produced by these cells.
  • Special cells within the hair bulb create the pigment that gives hair its color.
  • Melanocytes are the cells that produce the pigment, which is known as melanin.
  • The cells of this structure contain androgens, which are receptors for male hormones.
  • At the base of the hair bulb is the dermal papilla, which receives nutrition from the bloodstream to help produce new hair.
  • The hair follicles in the skin are protected by internal and external root sheaths.
  • Along with the epidermis, a hair follicle's outer roots go through a continual growth cycle.
  • There are glands just next to the hair follicles: the sebaceous gland, which produces and secretes the natural oils that lubricate the hair, is the most significant of these glands.

Hair Shaft

The hair shaft is the portion of the hair that is visible above the skin. Small amounts of water and binding material, as well as dead cells that have converted into keratin, make up the hair shaft.

Three layers make up the hair shaft:

  • The bottom level of the hair shaft, known as the medulla, is only visible in very large and thick hairs.
  • The cortex, the central layer of the hair shaft, is what gives a hair fiber its strength, color, and texture.
  • The hair shaft's thin, colorless cuticle is the outermost layer. The brain benefits from its defense.

While dealing with hair loss of any kind, knowledge about hair structure is of great importance. This is why you need to ask help from a professional doctor who has expertise on the subject.

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