Hair Transplant After 4 Months

Hair Transplant After 4 Months

after hair transplantation

Scabbing and redness in the recipient region are common after a hair transplant. Your scalp will become less itchy 2 weeks after the FUE hair transplant surgery, and the transplanted hair in the recipient region will begin to fall out. This natural shedding process will continue until the first new hairs begin to sprout through your scalp around two or three months post-surgery.

What to Expect 4 Months After A Hair Transplant

It is normal for the implanted hairs to shed until 3 months after hair transplant. After 4 months, you will be able to notice new hairs growing. However, you are still months away from witnessing the ultimate effect of your hair transplant, and these new hairs are still in their infancy. So, don't be concerned if the recipient region still has a patchy appearance or the new hairs look thin. It will take a while for your hair to grow longer and thicker.

What Happens to Hair Follicles That Do Not Develop Within 4 Months?

It is common for your transplanted hair to fall out after surgery. Transplanted follicles undergo a resting period known as the telogen phase, which is a part of the natural hair growth cycle. During the telogen phase, hairs get detached from the hair follicles and rest for about three months before falling out. During the telogen phase, new hair gets generated for new hairs to be able to grow. So even though a considerable amount of hair growth may not be seen within 4 months, you could be sure that new hair is growing beneath the skin and will grow in the following months.

Itchy Scalp 4 Months After A Hair Transplant

Itching and discomfort are common after-effects of hair transplants in the 2-4 weeks following the operation. Around month 4, you may still experience hair transplant side effects such as itching on your scalp. Scratching or rubbing an itchy scalp can aggravate the condition. To relieve itching after hair transplant, you should contact your clinic and your doctor will advise you accordingly.

How to Speed Up Hair Growth After A Hair Transplant?

If your new hair isn't growing as quickly as you'd like, there are several things you can do to speed up the recuperation and hair growth process. For instance, eating a well-balanced diet rich in protein and carbs can promote hair development. Moreover, consuming enough minerals and vitamins is a very crucial point for hair growth. The best vitamins after hair transplant are usually vitamins D, B7, and B12. You could also use shampoos or supplements that may assist to strengthen the hair follicles, such as argan oil shampoo and biotin pills.

Hair transplant is a long and complicated journey. You will need guidance and consultation before and after the procedure. Thankfully, Asmed team is here to help you in any way. You could apply for an online consultation from the website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach the Asmed team for information about hair transplant in Istanbul.

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