Itching After Hair Transplant

Itching After Hair Transplant

Updated at Jun 9, 2022
after hair transplantation

Undergoing a hair transplant procedure can be exciting since it will restore hair growth on your scalp. But as it is with any kind of surgery, there are some side effects of hair transplant operations. It is normal to experience some complications like pain and swelling after a hair transplant since your scalp has been exposed to the trauma from the surgery. One complication patients worry about is the itching and the scabs after hair transplants, which are the outcomes of itching. The point you should be careful about is not giving into the itchy feeling and touching the scabs. Otherwise, you will leave scars on your scalp. Other than that, there is nothing to be alarmed about with the itchiness of the scalp after the hair transplant operation. When the body is healing after a surgical procedure, it is perfectly normal to experience itching around the area that was traumatized by surgery.

What Is the Reason Behind Itching After Hair Transplant?

While the wound on the scalp after the surgery is healing and red blood cells are completing their jobs, the wound draws inwards, shrinking in size. When the holes in the skin heal, the skin cells pull together and close the wound. The nerves are triggered as a result of this process, which sends a signal to the nervous system, causing itching. So, actually, itching is a sign that your scalp is healing after the hair transplant operation.

What to Do for Itching After the Hair Transplant?

You should avoid sun exposure, sexual activity, hot baths, or swimming after hair transplant operations. You should make sure that you are following the surgeon's instructions and prescriptions carefully. Try to drink plenty of water and avoid smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages. To relieve itching, the doctor may recommend applying vaseline to the scalp. Be careful about hair washing after the hair transplant, as you do not want to damage the hair follicles while you are trying to clean the scabs. In short, as long as you follow your doctor’s instructions, it is not likely that you experience a problem during your healing process.

When Does the Itching Go Away?

Itching usually lasts a week after the hair transplant surgery. It may, however, take up to four weeks to disappear in rare cases. Because you will not be able to wash the top of your head for the first few days following the hair transplant surgery, itching on your scalp might be quite irritating and uncomfortable. The irritation will typically go away once you wash this area for the first time.

Itching is a natural reaction to the healing of any area of the body, along with other complications. However, it is natural to be concerned about your health and the success of your hair transplant operation. This is why you should be in touch with the doctors and the clinic you prefer.

Here at Asmed, we will guide you along the way and make sure all your questions are answered. Doctors at Asmed will explain every step of your procedure in detail to comfort you and will be there if you need further consultation. If you have any questions regarding hair transplant, please contact the Asmed team for further explanation.

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