Hair Transplant 6 Months vs 1 Year

Hair Transplant 6 Months vs 1 Year

Updated at Aug 10, 2022
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Patients desire to regain not just their hair, but also the confidence they had lost due to hair loss. Hair transplants are perfect solutions for both problems! However, we must bear in mind that a hair transplant is not a quick fix, but rather a lengthy procedure that demands a lot of patience. Many individuals ask the same question after having a hair transplant: How is the hair transplant recovery timeline? Hair transplant Turkey results show that, thanks to the FUE method, patients recover incredibly quickly without having any hair transplant side effects after the surgery. The complete effects of a hair transplant are often noticeable 1 year after the treatment, while the timing for transplanted hair growth varies from patient to patient. Here is a simple explanation about the hair transplant recovery:

Hair Growth 3 Months After Hair Transplant

Transplanted hair begins to grow after the third month, and the operation effects are pretty evident. During this time, hair is in the anagen phase, known as the growth phase. Hair follicles begin their usual growth cycle here, however, for some people, this phase may not occur until the fourth month.

Hair Growth 6 Months After Hair Transplant

By the 6th month, there is more hair density in the recipient area and more hair growth. When you compare, however, hair transplant results after 6 months vs. 1 year, the hair restoration is more evident and the modifications in the patient's look are more substantial after 1 year. So, we could say that 6 months is only half of the post-surgery journey.

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Yes, when operated with healthy hair follicles and on a healthy scalp by a professionally talented hair transplant surgeon, hair transplants are permanent. Moreover, carefully following the doctor's recommendations after the transplant is critical since these have a significant influence on the hair transplant's effectiveness. Your patience will be challenged throughout the procedure. It is a lengthy process, but the outcomes are going to be pleasing. So, keep being patient, and you will experience lifelong results and thick hair as you wish!

If you believe that a hair transplant is the solution to your hair loss problem, consult an Asmed professional to determine the specific reason for this condition and learn more about the other options for restoring your hair. At Asmed, you could also learn about hair transplant repair and more. Consult now to book a consultation.

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