Hair Thinning After Hair Transplant

Hair Thinning After Hair Transplant

Updated at Apr 21, 2022
after hair transplantation

Is It Normal For Me To Lose Hair, Even After A Hair Transplant?

Following a hair transplant treatment, patients frequently claim that their hair continues to fall out. It's crucial to remember that hair loss after a hair transplant is completely natural and is the body's method of coping with the trauma it experienced during the process. The transportation and individual insertion of genetically resistant hairs from the donor area to the places where the scalp is losing hair are known as crown hair transplant surgery. Individual grafts are implanted through tiny wounds known as "stab incisions." Whether FUT or FUE is used, the treatment can be highly stressful on the scalp and surrounding hairs, causing hair grafts and existing hairs to be lost temporarily. This condition is referred to as "effluvium," and it is also referred to as " shock loss " in certain circles. Shedding of hair grafts after a hair transplant can occur anywhere between one and five weeks following the procedure.

What Triggers It?

Other factors may trigger hair thinning even after a hair transplant. These include your hair density and whether or not your body has the bald gene. What is hair density , then? The quantity of individual strands per square centimeter on your scalp is known as hair density. If your hair density is low, you may notice more bald spots on your head in comparison to a person who has a higher hair density. The other factor, as stated, is the bald gene. “Where does the bald gene come from ?” you may ask. The common misconception about the bald gene is that the gene comes from your mother. However, this folk wisdom is partially false. A 2017 study by PLOS Genetics has revealed that there are at least 282 genetic variations in correlation with pattern baldness. This means that a person may suffer from baldness if they have the gene from their father’s or their mother’s side of the family.

How To Fight Hair Thinning After Hair Transplant

As stated before, after a hair transplant, your scalp is bound to suffer from shock due to the hair transplant process. The main thing you should look out for and follow the aftercare instructions. You'll want to do everything you can to care for the implanted hairs and your scalp after your hair transplant. Follow all of the postoperative recommendations carefully. An after-operation hair recovery procedure may also be required. Thankfully ASMED can provide all the care you need for your thinning hair.

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