What Is Hair Density

What Is Hair Density

Updated at Mar 22, 2022

You can classify your hair in a variety of ways, including length, color, texture, coarseness, and density. The number of strands of hair that grow per square inch of your scalp is referred to as your hair density. Hair density is one factor that influences how you should style your hair.

It is not necessary to use a microscope to count individual strands. Simply knowing whether your hair density is on the thin or thick side can help you determine what type of hair products to use.

Determining Hair Density

Counting the individual strands in a 1-inch by 1-inch section of your scalp is the most accurate — but least practical — way to measure your hair density. In lab settings, researchers commonly use an imaging technique known as trichoscopy to accomplish this. A phototrichogram, an imaging technique that allows researchers to measure hair density and the growth phase of each individual hair, is the gold standard method of measuring hair density. Hair restoration techniques such as FUE also increase your hair density and create a better look.

What Does Your Hair Density Mean In Terms Of Hair Care?

Knowing your hair density can help you determine which hairstyles and hair products will work best for you. Remember that your hair's coarseness, length, and texture, as well as your personal style, all play a role.

Low-density: If you have thin hair, you should avoid heavy products that weigh it down, such as heavy oils and conditioners. Look for volumizing shampoos, dry shampoos, and mousse to add volume to your hair. Hairstyles that add volume to your hair can help your hair appear thicker. Many stylists advice sticking to blunt-lined haircuts with few layers.

Medium-density: You don't need to do much to change the volume of your hair if your hair density is in the middle. While experimenting with different hairstyles and products, you can concentrate on products that help keep your hair healthy.

High-density: If you have thicker hair, you may need to use heavier styling products like gels and butters to get your hair to stick and stay in place. Serums and oils may aid in the reduction of frizz. Hairstyles that reduce bulk may be best for you. Layering can help make your hair appear thinner, and many stylists advise against using blunt cuts.

Is it Possible to Increase Hair Density?

Hair density, like many other aspects of hair, such as color and texture, is determined by genetics. Hair grows from a part of your skin known as a hair follicle. The number of hair follicles you have cannot be changed.

Hair transplant surgeries can help cover up patchy areas of hair growth, but there is currently no way to change if you were born with low hair density. Eating a healthy diet can help you maximize your hair density potential.

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