Hair Transplant Turkey Results

Hair Transplant Turkey Results

Updated at Apr 20, 2022
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It is only normal for a person to be interested in seeing the results of a hair transplant before going on with the procedure themselves. This will, naturally, incline the person interested in having a hair transplant operation to have or not have the said operation. We are here to tell you the statistics of hair transplant surgeries performed in Turkey, so you can have the operation you have long desired to have without a doubt in your mind.

Why Should I Have A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

The advantages of hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey are too many to count. For starters, clinics in Istanbul offer patients all-inclusive packages. These packages include airport transfers, hotel accommodations, free consultations, free before, during and post-op medications and many more. Not to mention that as the operation requires only four to eight hours of your time and no need for staying in the hospital, you can enjoy the beautiful and culturally rich Istanbul. You will not only make your dreams of having a head full of hair come true, but also enjoy an idyllic holiday.

How Long Before I See the Results of the Operation?

The hair transplant recovery timeline is a slow but sure process. The outcome of a hair transplant is not obvious immediately following the procedure, since it takes time and demands patience on the part of the patient. Furthermore, you will be able to watch certain things that may be frightening or upsetting to you, such as the follicles falling out. This is a frequent procedure that occurs throughout the postoperative period. Keep your cool: hair follicles will cease coming out in around 2-3 months following a hair restoration procedure. In order to observe the first newly-grown hair, it is necessary to wait at least three months. Most likely, no one in your family or circle of acquaintances will even realize that you have undergone a shift. However, after 6 months, your transplanted hair grows thicker and begins to grow quicker, eventually displacing the rest of your hair. When you reach the 9-12 month mark, it's difficult not to notice that your hair has gotten denser and that no signs of baldness have returned. The period between 9 and 12 months is when hair growth is at its height. You may expect to see excellent results, just like you did on the patients' before-and-after images that you reviewed before the treatment. It is only required to wait a year and spend one day in Turkey for a hair transplant before you may see an entirely different version of yourself in the mirror.

How Can I Be So Sure?

There are many success rates of hair transplant statistics available! Contrary to over the counter hair restoration solutions, hair transplant procedures are more effective in the prevention and treatment of baldness. After having hair transplants, you should expect to see results three to four months after the procedure since 10 to 80 per cent of the transplanted hair will start growing. Turkey has become a hair transplant hotspot due to the high-quality therapy available. A large number of people from various European and Middle Eastern nations travel to Turkey in order to have a hair transplant. In Turkey, the success rate of hair transplantation is mostly determined by the level of skill of the medical team. When conducted by a medical team with extensive expertise, the success rate is around 98 per cent. This suggests that only 2 out of every 100 hair transplants will be unsuccessful.

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