Hair Loss After Steroid Injection

Hair Loss After Steroid Injection

Updated at Sep 20, 2022
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Steroid injections are used to treat certain types of hair loss, such as temporary hair loss or excessive hair loss. Steroid injections treat hair loss caused by the body's own immune system attacking hair follicles. Normally, the immune system should be combating infections. However, in some hair loss conditions, the immune system attacks the hair follicle, causing hair loss. Steroids can prevent the immune system from attacking the hair follicles.

Steroid injections are intended to suppress the immune system, which is suppressed in alopecia areata. This keeps them from harming hair follicles, allowing them to operate normally and stimulating hair regeneration. These injections are repeated roughly every four to six weeks and appear to perform best in people who have minor areas of hair loss. This treatment may need to be repeated every few months.

Why Choose Steroid Injections?

This medication is suitable for those who have been diagnosed with alopecia, and it can cure a variety of hair loss diseases, including alopecia areata and some forms of friction. It is most suited for spotty, moderately steady hair loss on a small scale. For larger hair loss problems, a hair transplant is probably a better alternative.

When Should Steroid Injections Be Performed?

Steroid injections are thought to be most effective within the first month of establishing an alopecia areata patch. It is also possible that by managing inflammation early on, the immune system is calmed and does not cause patches of hair loss elsewhere on the scalp. Steroid injections can be administered at any moment, as indicated by your doctor, even one or two years after the presence of a patch.

How Is Treatment Performed?

In this procedure, a very fine needle is used to insert a little drop at many locations inside an area in order to distribute the pharmaceutical dose equally and limit the possibility of adverse effects. Treatments last around 5 to 10 minutes. There is some little pain at the time of injection, but it is brief. Anesthesia is not necessary for this procedure.

What Steroids Can Do to Your Hair

Pattern baldness is caused mostly by hormonal changes. Increased amounts of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in particular will harm hair follicles. DHT will bind to follicles and cause irritation. These damaged hairs will eventually fall off. Many steroids enhance DHT levels in the body, causing severe hair loss. However, not everyone is prone to baldness. Your hair follicles may be genetically predisposed to tolerance to greater amounts of DHT. Steroids will not induce baldness in these circumstances. But you should be careful when using injections of steroids.

Each incidence of hair loss is unique, and your treatment goals are unique to you. Not each treatment is suitable for everyone. We, at Asmed, can assist you in understanding your specific situation of hair loss and guide you through your alternatives. Please contact the Asmed clinic today for more information about hair transplant in Istanbul!

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