Does Sunlight Help Hair Growth

Does Sunlight Help Hair Growth

Updated at Aug 10, 2022
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Many of us are aware that vitamin D is a substance that our bodies require and that it may be obtained from the sun. Our bodies require vitamin D to maintain a full cycle of hair development because the vitamin encourages the growth of hair follicles. One sign of vitamin D insufficiency is hair loss. People who wonder how to speed up hair growth often ask whether sun exposure will be beneficial for their hair. Here is what you need to know:

How Does The Sun Affect Hair?

The body produces vitamin D in response to sunlight. Vitamin D is one of the most essential components for maintaining a healthy cycle of hair development since it promotes hair growth from the follicle. Spending more time in the sun is the simplest approach to increasing vitamin D levels; unfortunately, this may actually encourage hair loss. While vitamin D from sunshine is beneficial to your hair, excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun can harm both your body and your hair. So it is safe to be careful and not forget the importance of hair care and being sensitive to your hair. You might want to wear hats and cover your scalp when you expose yourself to sunlight, for instance.

Can I Get More Vitamin D Without Damaging My Hair?

While sunshine is the greatest and most natural source of vitamin D, there are other methods to meet your daily requirements without risking hair loss. A safer approach is to take supplements and eat foods high in vitamin D naturally, such as fish, red meat, and eggs. You may also protect your hair from possibly damaging UV radiation by keeping yourself out of direct sunshine. If you are currently balding or have thinning hair, it is critical to apply sunscreen to the scalp before going out to avoid additional damage.

Is There a Permanent Solution to Hair Loss?

If you wonder about how to permanently thicken your hair, there is a way. The only completely permanent remedy to hair loss is a hair transplant. A hair transplant surgery uses a patient's healthy hair follicles to cover up the areas of hair loss that are the most troublesome. Hair transplants result in completely natural-looking hair that will keep growing.

Here at the Asmed Clinic, our doctors specialize in the FUE hair transplant method, which is a very successful treatment for extreme and permanent hair loss. By reading the Asmed blog articles, you could learn more about hair transplants and discover new tips for healthy hair. For any question you might have or to get a consultation, contact the Asmed team as soon as possible!

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