Does Sugar Cause Hair Loss?

Does Sugar Cause Hair Loss?

Updated at Jun 23, 2023
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We all consume sugar as it is one of the most prevalent components in nature. But there are some side effects-- Too much sugar can be bad for your health, and vice versa. So, what about the sugar and hair loss relation? Does it really exist? Well, it is hard to say. There can be so many reasons why you are losing hair, and sugar might be one of them. To understand this better, let's check out hair loss reasons, and if sugar has anything to do with it.

Why You're Losing Your Hair

Many internal and environmental causes can contribute to hair thinning and loss. Let's look at the root of hair loss and what can be done about it.

The likelihood that you may have hair loss depends in large part on your genetic makeup and family history. Hair loss is more likely to affect you if it affects your parents or other close relatives. Hair thinning and loss can be caused by hormonal fluctuations because of their effect on the hair follicle development cycle.

Even if you are losing hair, there are ways to regain them. If you want some super-secret tips, we have the best for you: exercising! We mean both physical exercises and the special hair exercises you can follow.

Working out won't make new hair grow but there is still good news. It can help you improve your overall health, and thus affect your hair as well. There are many hair growth exercises to follow. You might want to add some exercises into your routine.

The exercises you know simply as jogging or running can be great for your health. Even though you cannot see a direct connection, through promoting blood flow they will empower your existing hair follicles, and thus lead you to have better hair.

Sugar and Hair Loss

Sugar intake and balding have just a weak scientific relationship. However, nutritional inadequacies and general ill health brought on by a diet heavy in refined sugars and processed foods can make your hair worse in some aspects. Your diet should include the vitamins and protein you will need. Throughout your day, take a sufficient amount of those.

Yes, sugar might not be the reason for hair loss-- But it's still better to stay away from it for your general health. Generally, if you eat better food, you will have better hair! This is the key aspect of nutrition and hair loss connection.

If you are losing your hair from sugar– or anything else, literally, you can gain them back through hair transplant. There are techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which has shown great results for lots of people. In Asmed, we will help you regain your hair with our professionals. You can check out a lot of our blog posts, such as Turkey hair transplant cost or more. Do your research, and talk to our professionals. This will help you choose the best path. So, we are offering a free consultation service for hair transplant. You can talk to some of our professionals to decide on the best path for your hair.

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