Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men

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Many men suffer from male pattern baldness at some point in their lives. Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is a hereditary health problem that prevents hair from growing. There are different types of male pattern baldness in men. Some people experience single spots in different shapes, whereas some people deal with complete baldness. There are numerous treatment methods to prevent or manage hair loss in men. Here are some of these treatments that stop or slow down the hair loss process:


If you struggle with hair loss, your doctor might prescribe you some medications as treatment. You cannot always prevent hair loss, but medications are known to slow down the process. Of course, this is not the case for everyone. Medications do not work for every man who experiences hair loss. You could consult a doctor to find out medications will be of help.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are permanent solutions for hair loss. There are two popularly used hair transplant techniques. Both of these methods are considered surgeries. So, before undergoing these procedures, you need a doctor's approval that you are healthy enough to undergo this surgery. There are also some side effects of these surgeries, such as scarring. However, with the FUE hair transplant, the scarring will be minimized and almost invisible.

  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) During an FUT hair transplant operation, a piece of your skin is removed from the back of your scalp. The skin that is removed should contain healthy hair follicles, enough to cover the bald area. Then, the hair follicles are removed from the skin and implanted on the bald area where there is little to zero hair growth.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) During an FUE surgery, your doctor will remove hair follicles individually and directly from your scalp instead of removing the whole skin. This way, you will not leave with a big scar at the back of your scalp. The removed hair follicles, then, are individually implanted in the recipient area. DHI is an improved version of this technique where advanced tools are used for the surgery.

Hair transplants are overall the best solutions if you are looking for permanent solutions that will give you natural-looking hair after hair transplant. Hair transplant in Istanbul reviews are also very encouraging.

Other Ways to Deal With Hair Loss

Aside from medical treatments, you could slow down the process of hair loss with small changes in your life.

  • You should try to adopt a more balanced diet. Protein and vitamin B12 are very crucial for hair health. Be sure to consume enough of these and other nutrients regularly to manage hair loss.

  • You should get rid of stress! Stress is known to trigger hair loss incredibly. If you do not want your hair loss to become severe, you should change your lifestyle in a way that will cause less stress on you.

  • You might consider quitting or reducing smoking because it weakens the immune system. As long as you do not have a healthy immune system, you will most likely be suffering from all kinds of hair health problems, including hair loss.

Hair loss is a frustrating issue for many men. If you are struggling with this problem, it might be triggering your confidence as well. While looking for a solution, you might easily get confused.

By contacting the Asmed team, you will be sure to get detailed information about your options. You could also discuss these options with the doctors in Asmed to find out which one is the most suitable for you or will satisfy your expectations. If you are considering a hair transplant and are wondering about how painful is a hair transplant surgery, if a hair transplant without shaving your head is possible, or what the best age for a hair transplant is, please contact us. The medical staff in Asmed will make sure you leave with no unanswered questions.

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