Sex After Hair Transplant

Sex After Hair Transplant

Updated at May 27, 2024
after hair transplantation

If you are considering getting a hair transplant, you should do your research about the FUE hair transplant recovery timeline and hair transplant aftercare. The procedure itself, the magic underpinning the operation, the recovery period, and the things you should and should not do are the major variables that you should be aware of before undergoing surgery. As there are dos and don’ts before a hair transplant, there are things to avoid after the surgery as well, such as exercising or having a sexual relationship.

Can I Have Sex After Hair Transplant?

Typically, grafts become secure within 7 to 10 days after a hair transplant procedure. It is crucial to wait until the grafts have fully stabilized and adhered to the scalp before engaging in activities that may exert pressure on the scalp, such as sexual intercourse. Following your doctor's recommendations regarding post-operative care and activity restrictions is essential for optimal healing and hair transplant success.

When Can I Have Sex After Hair Transplant?

Sexual intercourse might be resumed after at least 7 days of the transplantation procedure. Heavy activity, perspiration, and scalp pressure might harm the donor region and lengthen the healing period. Therefore, make sure you do not have sexual intercourse before 7 days post-operation. Typically, within 7 to 10 days, grafts become secure enough, making it safer to engage in sexual activities.

How Do I Know When It's Safe To Have Sex After Hair Transplant?

To determine when it’s safe to have sex after a hair transplant, follow your doctor’s advice and monitor your recovery. Your scalp should be free of scabs, redness, and any signs of irritation. Ensure that you do not experience any discomfort or pressure on your scalp. Consulting with your doctor for a final go-ahead is always a good practice to avoid any complications.

How Does Sexual Activity Affect Hair Transplant?

Sexual activity affects hair transplant recovery because it involves physical exertion that can lead to sweating and increased blood pressure. Sweating can harm the fragile hair follicles that are still attaching to the scalp, and elevated blood pressure can cause bleeding issues, impeding the healing process. Additionally, sexual activity can increase protein loss, which may disturb the healing process. Hence, it is crucial to avoid sexual activity to ensure the best hair transplant results.

Why Is Sex Restricted Following A Hair Transplant?

You sweat during sex because you move around a lot like you are exercising, which might hurt the fragile hair follicles that attach to the scalp. So, you should avoid engaging in strenuous activities such as sex. Hormones released during sex, moreover, raise blood pressure. That is, you may have bleeding problems that impede your recuperation and jeopardize the overall outcome of the operation. Overall, avoiding sex is suggested since it may increase protein loss, resulting in a disturbed healing process.

Is Masturbation Allowed After Hair Transplantation?

Many patients want to know if masturbation affects transplanted hair the same way it affects native hair. The correct response to this question is no. It is recommended to avoid any movement that puts pressure on the scalp. The main reasons for the prohibition of sexual intercourse after hair transplantation are as follows: because the scalp is very thin, it has a sensitive structure, and it is strongly discouraged to have sexual intercourse after hair transplantation, as sweating after the operation will affect the hair follicles. Masturbation is thus a more secure alternative. Masturbation after surgery is a sensitive subject that most patients dread bringing up. But when done in a safe position without harming the follicles that were transplanted, masturbation is not a big problem for patients. Overall, masturbation is a much safer option than sex after a hair transplant surgery.

Can I Have Sexual Intercourse Before My Hair Transplant?

Before the operation, various rules must be followed. Your doctor will give you the exact guideline you will need to follow. Blood thinners, smoking, and alcohol should be avoided for at least one week before the procedure. However, having sexual relations is typically not an issue before the hair transplant.

How Long Does It Take to Resume Sexual Activity Following A Hair Transplant?

Sexual intercourse might be resumed 7 days after hair transplant. Heavy activity, perspiration, and scalp pressure might harm the donor region and lengthen the healing period. Therefore, make sure you do not have sexual intercourse before 7 days post-operation.

Hair transplant operations are complicated and create a lot of questions in patients’ minds. The Asmed team is here to answer all your questions and make your concerns go away. If you are not sure about how to proceed with the guideline given to you by your doctor or want to learn more about the FUE hair transplant procedure and its aftermath, contact the Asmed professionals today for online consultation!

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