Does Castor Oil Help Hair Growth?

Does Castor Oil Help Hair Growth?

Updated at Jan 18, 2023
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Castor oil is a vegetable oil created from castor beans that are often colorless but can also be yellow or dark brown, depending on how it is produced.

Types of castor oil

It's useful to understand the distinctions between the numerous types of oils you may get in stores before you choose one:

  • Castor oil Fresh castor seeds are cold-pressed, which means the oil is drawn out under intense pressure using a press machine akin to the one used for juicing.
  • Castor oil in black. Oil is derived from castor seeds after they have been cooked and then roasted.
  • Jamaican castor oil Castor seeds are cooked in water until they are boiling before being roasted and ground with a mortar and pestle.

Does Castor oil increase hair growth?

There is no proof that applying castor oil to the scalp or hair can promote faster hair growth. Castor oil, on the other hand, can indirectly promote hair development. This is because it has a lot of anti-inflammatory qualities, including omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids and vitamin E. As a result, consistent use—especially when combined with other tested products like the best shampoo after hair transplants available from a dermatologist—can result in healthy hair growth.

However, it shouldn't always be relied upon. For example, while castor oil can be highly beneficial for persons suffering from inflammatory hair loss in helping their hair grow back, it will have little to no effect on severe male or female pattern hair loss and nutritional hair loss.

How Does Castor Oil Work?

Castor beans are used to make this cold-pressed vegetable oil. It is a long-used, non-volatile, pale yellow oil that is thick. It is also a common beauty essential for hair development and scalp treatment that is effective without robbing the hair of its natural moisture. Castor oil has a special fatty acid composition that gives it a special structure and makes it the ideal humectant for sealing in moisture, nourishing the hair shaft, and accelerating hair development.

How to apply castor oil to hair

For a scalp treatment

For 20 to 30 minutes, sit under a hair steamer to further trigger the oil's penetration into your scalp after massaging it in. Then, you can hop in the shower and shampoo if you have fine or thin hair. If you have coarse, damaged, or dry hair, you can wait until your next wash day.

For a moisturizing pre-poo treatment

Castor oil should be applied from mid-lengths to ends and left on for 10 minutes before shampooing if you have fine to medium hair that is prone to greasiness. In contrast, if your hair is medium to thick in texture, massage castor oil through your ends and into your roots before rinsing. In addition, castor oil can be diluted and thinned for a more individualized therapy by combining it with other carrier oils, such as jojoba oil or coconut oil.

For smoother, shinier hair

Make your conditioner richer by adding a few drops of castor oil once or twice a week for a soothing and moisturizing treatment if you have medium-to-thick hair prone to puffiness.

A fue hair transplant is a quick and effective approach to repairing excessive hair loss and making it look natural. However, you will begin to notice alterations in the state of your hair 7 days after the hair transplant. If you want to understand more about your hair and how to treat it if you have hair loss, you can visit Asmed.

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