Can I Touch My Hair After Transplant?

Can I Touch My Hair After Transplant?

Updated at Sep 20, 2022
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Touching your scalp after a hair transplant might not be a good idea. It might affect your graft survivability and your procedure’s success negatively. So, graft health is very important for the effectiveness of a hair transplant. The patient's health, hair qualities, and surgical methods are all important elements that determine the transplanted graft. The healing phase or time for the transplanted grafts to settle is usually 8-10 days. For the first two weeks following a hair transplant, you must be extremely cautious. Hair transplant aftercare is extremely crucial when it comes to a healthy and successful FUE hair transplant recovery timeline. This is due to the fact that grafts are not instantly fixed after transplantation. Here are some tips to protect your grafts post-surgery:

Do All Transplanted Hair Grafts Grow?

Grafts breaking out during the first few days following hair transplantation is quite rare. Patients frequently believe that the hair that falls out following a transplant is the transplanted hair. However, it is actually normal and necessary for the healing process. Moreover, as long as your hair follicles are safe, there is nothing to worry about.

What Affects Graft Survivability

Most of the time, hair transplantation and graft survival go smoothly because hair transplant experts choose ideal candidates for transplantation. Some people can return to work in about 3 days, while some may take more than a week. But how long after hair transplant are grafts secure ? Typically, one or two months after the surgery, hair grafts are secure.

Will I Lose Hair Grafts After a Hair Transplant?

Most people are afraid of going bald, even after a hair transplant. Typically, five months following a hair transplant, the transplanted grafts drop away, making room for new hairs to grow in. Shedding is a normal process that occurs as part of the hair development cycle, and it is beneficial to the transplanted hair. However, if you do not take preventive steps, your non-transplanted hair will fall out in a few years, and you will go bald.

After the transplant, the patient is instructed to return in two days for bandage removal and the first head wash. The scalp will feel numb, and the feeling of contact will be reduced. It is important to remember that the transplanted region should not be touched or scraped as this may dislodge the grafts and introduce infection. After 12-14 days following surgery, patients might start touching the areas slightly.

Hair transplants are long and complicated procedures. The aftermath is even more complicated and might be overbearing. You might need the company of professional people alongside. This is where the Asmed team steps in! We are here to inform you about all the steps of the journey. Our medical staff will explain to you the do’s and don'ts before a hair transplant and the cautions you need to take after the operation. If you have any questions about hair transplant in Istanbul, do not hesitate to reach out for online consultation!

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