Can I Drink After Hair Transplant

Can I Drink After Hair Transplant

after hair transplantation

FUE hair transplant surgery is a technique that collects individual follicular units from a donor location and transplants them to regions of the scalp where hair loss has occurred. It is important to be informed about the FUE hair transplant recovery timeline to get the best results possible. There are certain rules that need to be followed. There are dos and don’ts before a hair transplant, as well as things to avoid or promote after it. Patients must follow pre-and post-op care instructions to ensure successful healing following the FUE procedure. The suggestion to abstain from alcohol is one instruction that many patients have doubts about. However, it is necessary for a successful recovery. Your doctor will give you a guideline on what to eat after a hair transplant and hair transplant aftercare to make sure you get the outcomes you wish to see.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Recovery Process of A Hair Transplant?

It may be unpleasant to abstain from drinking after the FUE hair transplant surgery, but it can be quite advantageous in lowering the risk of surgical problems. It is well known that alcohol thins the blood. Patients are more prone to bleeding during surgery and recovery if their blood is thin. Excessive bleeding can potentially interfere with the transplant operation and jeopardize the treatment's overall success.

If a patient continues to bleed after the hair transplant process, the healing time will be extended. Unfortunately, a lengthy recovery might raise the chance of post-operative problems, such as infection. Patients can lower their risk of excessive bleeding and other issues by not consuming alcohol before or after the FUE hair transplant.

How Long Should I Avoid Alcohol After the Transplant?

It is suggested that patients abstain from alcohol for at least two weeks prior to the FUE treatment. Two weeks should be enough time for the body to process any alcohol in the blood. This two-week period can significantly lower the risk of severe bleeding both before and after surgery. Patients who have undergone the surgery also should continue to avoid alcohol while their bodies recover from the surgery. It is necessary to avoid alcohol for at least a few weeks following the surgery.

Stay Hydrated After the Hair Transplant

Although alcohol is not a smart choice before or after FUE hair transplant, patients must keep hydrated. Any alcoholic beverages should be substituted with healthier options. Before surgery, water is the best option, although tea or juices could also help patients prevent dehydration before and during surgery. However, water is probably the best and safest option for hydration.

FUE is a popular treatment because it leaves less scarring and is suitable for those who want to maintain their hair short. It also requires less downtime than other hair transplant methods. At Asmed, our specialists provide a variety of hair loss treatment options. To learn more about FUE hair transplant in Turkey or any of our other hair loss treatments, please contact us as soon as possible.

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