Can Hair Spray Cause Hair Loss?

Can Hair Spray Cause Hair Loss?

Updated at Aug 10, 2022
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Hair spray can cause minor hair loss, but it cannot cause permanent or excessive hair loss. Excessive use of hair spray may cause your hair follicles to weaken and become more brittle over time, making your hair more prone to breaking and causing it to fall out more than usual. Using hair sprays too often might cause patchy hair loss similar to fungal hair loss. So, if you have some hair coming out and thinning hair, hairspray might be the major cause. It cannot, however, cause permanent hair loss, and, contrary to common opinion, permanent hair loss as a result of this is fiction. Here are other hairstyling options that could potentially damage your hair:

Hairstyles that Damage Hair

Hot hairstyle equipment, such as hair dryers and curling irons, can cause substantial damage to your hair if used excessively. They can dry out your hair, resulting in thinning, breakage, and hair shedding. Hair loss is also affected by how you wear your hair. For example, if you routinely use braids or tight ponytails, you may be inflicting significant damage to your hair and experience itchy scalp and hair loss.

What Can You Do Against Hair Loss From Hair Spray?

Hair loss caused by hair spray and other styling chemicals is temporary. When you stop taking them and start caring for your hair, it will begin to heal. Depending on the amount of damage, the procedure may be delayed, but regular treatment will eventually result in healthy hair. So, ditch the hair products and start wearing your hair down as often as possible. Don't wash your hair every day since it will get dry. Dry shampoos are a popular alternative to hairspray, but they can clog follicles and damage your hair over time if used excessively. They can efficiently remove excess oils, but overdoing it can cause dryness.

Hair Transplantation Is A Permanent Solution To Hair Loss

If your hair loss is severe and you want to regain your full head of hair, hair transplantation may be the best option. It's a long-term remedy that promotes natural hair growth.

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