7 Months After Hair Transplant

7 Months After Hair Transplant

Updated at Aug 31, 2023
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Hair transplant surgery is very popular these years, and this has a reason: It is vastly successful. The procedure helped many to regain their hair after the operation. But many people wonder, how does the hair look months after hair transplant? Well, we have the answers for you. If you are wondering what to expect 7 months after hair transplant, this article can help you.

2-5 Months After Hair Transplant

After 2 months of hair transplant, your scalp will look healthy as usual and the scalp is healing. Between 2 to 5 months after hair transplant, You will see hair shedding and growing. These hair follicles can be thinner than usual, but do not worry. This is normal, and it is your hair follicles going through a cycle. After a while, the hair will thicken up and look like your usual hair.

6-7 Months After Hair Transplant

This is an important stage, because at this stage you will be able to see the progress. However, there is an important catch: The new hair that grows from your transplanted area may not be dense as usual. The hair will grow with no problem, but the transplanted area will look scarce in contrast to other areas. This is not the final result of your hair as your hair will continue to thicken up and grow for another 6 months. Make sure to remember that this is not the final stage of your hair growth.

7 Months After Hair Transplant Problems

If you are experiencing any problems with your hair months after the procedure, you can always talk to your healthcare professional or your operation doctor to take the right steps. Be sure to always use a mild shampoo for your hair after the transplant in order not to damage your hair. In time, with the appropriate care products and techniques, your hair will look normal.

Regular follow-ups with your doctor at this stage is important in order to view how your scalp and follicles are healing. Your doctor will provide you with the time intervals that you need for a check-up, so all you have to do is check in with your doctor from time to time.

Is it Normal to Shed Hair After Hair Transplant?

Shedding hair after a hair transplant is a common side effect of the healing process and should not be a cause for alarm. Shedding is a normal, transient side effect of the process that signals the start of new, healthy hair growth.

The transplanted hair shafts may begin to fall out within the first two to three weeks after surgery. This is a natural occurrence as hair follicles go through their transformation into the anagen (growth) phase.

Hair follicles that have been transplanted go into a temporary latent phase after shedding. There is no outward sign of development at this stage, but the follicles are busy getting ready for the growth phase. The loss of the first hairs allows for the growth of new, healthier hair.

Shock Loss after Hair Transplant

Loss of transplanted hair is commonly referred to as "shock loss". Hair follicles undergo this phenomena because of the stress they endure after a transplant. The shedding is a normal process that occurs before a new growth cycle can begin in the follicles. Hair loss makes way for the transplanted follicles to generate new, permanent hair. It's anticipated that the new hair would be tougher and more resilient than the old.

It's helpful to think of the shedding phase as a transitional stage on the way to a stronger growth phase for the follicles. In a matter of months, the resting phase will give way to fresh hair growth.

Talk to your doctor if you're worried about how long the shedding process will take. They can provide you specific advice depending on your situation, as well as reassurance that what you're experiencing is perfectly normal.

Shedding hair after a hair transplant is normal and expected as the scalp heals and new hair grows. This is a positive sign that fresh, healthy hair is growing from the transplanted follicles. If you know why your hair falls out, you may better prepare yourself for the exciting stages of new hair development.

Hair transplant is a great option for many if you are experiencing hair loss due to any reason: genetics, stress related loss or whatever it is. With hair transplant, you can regain your hair in a short time. In Asmed, we offer many options for our patients who are looking for Turkey hair transplant procedures, and we are here with you throughout the way. If you are not sure whether to get a fue hair transplant or another procedure, talk to one of our professionals through phone or via our website. They will provide you with the information you need, and you can count on us for the necessary things your hair needs. You can also view a timeline of hair transplant recovery, from 1 month to hair transplant after 10 years if you are curious about the healing process.

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