Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft

Turkey Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft

Updated at Jun 14, 2024
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Istanbul, Turkey, is a city full of cultural heritage. It was once the seat of the Ottoman Empire, and now it is the crown jewel of hair transplantation! Istanbul welcomes as many as sixty thousand visitors per year just for medical purposes. Hair transplants in Turkey take from six to nine hours with local anesthesia, so you won’t even have to worry about spending your holiday on a hospital bed. Hair transplant techniques used in Turkey are FUE, FUT, and DHI, with the FUE technique being the most prominent. The success rate of hair transplants are as high as 98 per cent, and the patients suffer from slight to no pain at all.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Hair Transplant?

Surgical hair transplantation entails collecting healthy hair grafts and transplanting them to an area where the hair follicles have withered. What is a hair graft , you may ask? A "graft" is the common word for a hair-bearing piece of skin. Grafts can be obtained from any part of the body, but the occipital scalp, also known as the donor zone, on the posterior scalp, is the most popular choice because of its high long-term viability. The average cost of hair transplantation in the United States of America can range from five thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars. As for the United Kingdom, a typical hair transplant will cost you from ten thousand pounds to twenty thousand pounds.

Is There A More-Cost Effective Alternative?

Absolutely! Turkey is the leading country in FUE hair transplants. Turkey hair transplant costs are as low as three to four thousand dollars. 5000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey , which is more grafts than a typical hair transplant will include, will cost you a maximum number of six thousand dollars. A trip to Turkey, including the hair transplant cost, transportation cost, accommodation costs and the delight to see the cultural heritage of Turkey will likely cost you a maximum of eight to nine thousand dollars. Turkey offers more than 500 well-established and JCI-accredited clinics and hospitals that provide cost-effective hair transplant surgery, earning it the reputation of giving the best hair transplant. As a result, it has enough medical facilities to meet its needs all around the world.

Which Clinic To Choose?

As stated before, Turkey houses more than five hundred clinics that offer low cost yet effective hair transplants. But you may struggle to choose which clinic to choose. Not to worry, the choice is obvious. ASMED is the leading hair transplant clinic in all of Turkey. From the starting consultation to the final check-ups you can have with ASMED, professionals will help you through your journey.

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