Turkey Hair Transplant Cost

Turkey Hair Transplant Cost

Updated at Apr 11, 2022
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Turkey Hair Transplant hair transplantation is now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for both men and women. Hair transplant turkey is the process of using special techniques to transplant hair from the neck, arms, legs, and chest area, which are resistant to hair loss, to areas where hair has been lost. Hair transplantation prioritizes hair from the nape of the neck. This loss is much more difficult because the hair here is insensitive to the DHT hormone. Similarly, hair transplantation is performed on women who have hair loss using the same techniques. Women, albeit infrequently, prefer hair transplantation due to hair loss or a lack of self-confidence, which has a negative impact on their social lives.

It is a common operation performed by physicians in a sterile operating room setting that necessitates teamwork. As a result, hair transplantation is not an easy procedure. The cost of hair transplantation may vary depending on the experience and knowledge of the physician performing the procedure, as well as the hospital conditions.

Various methods of hair transplantation were used in the past. However, there are two methods that are widely used today. The FUT and FUE methods are two of the most commonly used in hair transplantation. The FUT method involves removing the hairy part of the scalp in the form of a strip from the nape of the neck and transplanting it to the bald area.

Because it leaves visible scars and stitch marks, this method's popularity has declined significantly in recent years. Because the margin of error in adjusting the hairline is higher in this method, the preference rate has also decreased. Hair follicles, which are defined as grafts consisting of three or four strands of hair, are removed using special techniques and transplanted in the area with hair loss in the FUE method. This procedure takes longer because the grafts are removed one by one, and it necessitates more care and diligence than previous methods. People prefer this method because there are no scars or surgical traces. The FUE method takes a long time and a lot of energy, which raises the cost of hair transplantation compared to other methods.

Hair transplantation follows a set of rules both before and after the procedure. Initially, preliminary planning is done for hair analysis, blood tests, shaving, and determining the frontal hairline. Following that, local anesthesia is used to collect grafts and open grooves in the areas where hair transplantation will take place, and the collected grafts are inserted into these grooves at appropriate angles to complete the procedure. Some rules should be followed after hair transplantation for healthier hair.

Hair transplantation is an expensive procedure. As a result, one of the most intriguing topics for people considering hair transplantation is the cost of the procedure. How much does a hair transplant in Turkey cost? Or How to get a hair transplant in Turkey? You can all learn the answers through our professionals. Hair transplant costs vary depending on the amount and severity of hair loss, the experience of the doctor performing the transplant, the number of grafts to be applied, and the location of the application center.

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