Supplements After Hair Transplant

Supplements After Hair Transplant

Updated at May 16, 2022
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Hair growth and hair health originate from hair follicles under your skin. Without healthy hair follicles, it is not possible for you to have healthy hair. For healthy hair follicles, nutrition is very crucial. Especially after a hair transplant surgery, your nutrition intake is very important for the donor follicles to survive and initiate healthy hair growth. With a balanced diet, the success rate of your hair transplant will be higher. Patients are generally suggested to consume foods that are rich in iron and protein to strengthen their immune system. If you have undergone a hair transplant surgery, you might be confused about what to eat after a hair transplant. Here are some suggestions for you.

How Should Nutrition After Hair Transplantation Be?

Your nutrition intake has a direct effect on the recovery process of your hair transplant. You might be searching about which vitamin is best for hair after your surgery to keep your body hair follicles healthy. The truth is, that all vitamins are crucial for your overall health. But when it comes to post-surgery, you need a more detailed diet plan for fast recovery and the best hair transplant results. Vitamin B is the major group that affects hair health and hair growth incredibly. Especially B12 has a significant impact on hair growth and strength. Vitamin B12 is found in animal-derived foods such as meat. Moreover, vitamin D is one of the best vitamins after a hair transplant. Vitamin D is rich in fish and eggs. You should plan a dietary program that includes these vitamins and is rich in protein to have a fast recovery after a hair transplant.

Which Foods to Avoid

You need to avoid certain types of food after surgery, just like you need to consume some nutrients. Some foods have a negative impact on the healing process after a hair transplant surgery. Some of them are spicy foods and acidic foods. These types of food have a negative impact on the digestive and immune systems that are crucial for a fast hair transplant recovery. They make it harder for hair follicles to adapt to their new place and healthily grow hair. For a quick recovery and successful hair transplant, you should avoid spicy, acidic, and oily food after your hair transplant surgery. Other than these foods, cigarettes, and alcohol are also known to hinder the healing process after a hair transplant surgery. So, make sure to reduce consuming them or remove them from your diet

There are numerous factors that you should consider after undergoing a hair transplant surgery. Recovery after a hair transplant is a long and complicated process. You should take care of your body as well as your scalp after the operation. Nutrition is one of the factors that you should pay attention to after a hair transplant procedure. It is okay to be confused after a hair transplant surgery as to what to consume.

Medical staff in Asmed are here to guide you in this journey. Doctors in Asmed will provide you with detailed programs and explain what you need to do after your surgery. If you have any questions regarding FUE hair transplant operations or post-surgery recovery, you could easily contact the Asmed team for information.

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