Latest Hair Transplant Technology

Latest Hair Transplant Technology

Updated at Sep 20, 2022
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Hair transplant operations include the removal of hair follicles from one region of your head, generally the back or sides, and transplanting them into balding areas. There are three main types of hair transplants available today: FUT (follicular unit transplant, FUE(follicular unit extraction), and DHI. The extraction methods for FUE and DHI are similar; the difference is in the insertion stage. In the insertion phase, however, FUT mimics FUE. However, FUT differs from the other two in the extraction process. The success rate of hair transplant is highly related to the method you choose, therefore, it is wise to choose the method that will have the best results for you and not in general. People often ask “what is the best hair transplant method”, so here is a brief explanation to find out which might be the best for you.

The FUT Method

FUT is the oldest of the three methods, and the scars it creates are the most noticeable. Local anesthetics are used to numb the donor area prior to extraction. The doctor then creates an oval incision behind the back of the scalp and removes the skin. Following that, the doctor makes tiny incisions on the recipient region known as canals. When everything is in place, the implantation procedure begins. They insert follicles into canals one at a time. FUT is the most cost-effective method of hair transplant since it takes less time.

The FUE method

Patients who undergo the FUE surgery do not have permanent visible scars unlike in the FUT method. Operators use micromotors instead of cutting a piece of skin. Following anesthetic, the operator makes extremely small holes around the follicles that will be extracted. After this, the procedure is quite similar to FUT in that the physician opens canals and the operators begin implantation one follicle at a time.

The DHI method

A similar micromotor process in FUE occurs in DHI. However, DHI accomplishes something other than opening canals and implanting them at different periods. The follicle is pushed inside by the sharp edge of tools, specialized for this method, piercing the skin. DHI operations necessitate the use of additional workers, making it somewhat more expensive than the FUE technique.


NeoGraft is a type of FUE that is one of the most advanced hair transplant methods available today. It eliminates part of the human error associated with the surgery because it is semi-automated. A surgeon physically removes individual hair follicles from the back or sides of your head during FUE hair transplantation. Before implanting the new hairs, they make a series of incisions in the balding areas of your scalp.

Hair follicles are extracted using suction with a wand when employing the NeoGraft procedure. Instead of creating an incision for additional hair follicles, the surgeon can use a special instrument that creates the incision while also transplanting the hair follicle. Since this technique is minimally intrusive, the risk of having surgical complications is lower.

If you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey but are not sure which method is the best for you, reach out to us and get information and guidance. The hair transplant clinics in Turkey are very dedicated to their patients. This is one of the reasons why turkey is best for hair transplant. For consultation, reach out to the Asmed team and have a safe and successful journey with us!

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