Types of Hair Transplant

Types of Hair Transplant

Updated at Jun 10, 2022
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Hair loss is one of the major health problems many men and women around the world suffer from. In fact, by the age of 35, more than half of men experience some level of noticeable hair loss. Thankfully, for people who suffer from significant hair loss, there have been many advancements in the hair transplant field that now help successfully restore hair growth. If you do not have much information on hair transplant operations, you might want to do some research before consulting a doctor about hair transplants. Hair transplant advancements allowed the creation of different techniques for different ethnicity hair types. For instance, Afro hair transplants, gray hair transplants, and alopecia hair transplants are offered for different people who suffer from hair loss. There are several types of hair transplant surgeries. Some of them are much more popular than others. The two of the most popular hair transplant techniques are FUT and FUE methods.

FUT vs FUE Hair Transplant

If you are comparing FUT vs FUE hair transplant techniques, you need to know that the best option for you will depend on your individual needs and the suggestions of your surgeon. However, here are some basic information on both methods:

The FUT hair transplant method involves extracting a strip of skin that contains hair follicles from the donor area of your scalp. The donor area is typically the back of your head, but it might depend on where the healthy hair follicles are located in your body. The extracted hair follicles are, then, implanted in the area where hair growth has stopped. As the implantation takes place, small holes are opened in the recipient area to prepare your scalp for hair graft transplantation.

The FUE hair transplant technique, on the other hand, was developed to minimize the negative effects of the FUT technique. The FUE method includes extracting individual hair follicles from the scalp rather than a strip of skin. The rest of the procedure is pretty much the same. The extracted hair follicles are implanted in the recipient site. Since the FUE method does not involve the removal of tissue from your body, unlike FUT, it is less likely to leave a scar on your scalp. Moreover, since the FUE technique does not require any stitches, the recovery is also faster than the FUT hair transplant.

As mentioned, there are several ways of treatment when it comes to hair transplants. Whatever options you decide to proceed with, it is significant for you to work together with a qualified and experienced surgeon for the best results. Asmed clinic contains numerous specialized and experienced surgeons within its structure. The medical staff at Asmed will make sure to find the most suitable and optimal type of hair transplant technique for you to reach your desired hair. Your health, comfort, and desires are our priorities at Asmed. If you have concerns or confusion about any topic, do not hesitate to consult the Asmed team for help!

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