Can Antibiotics Cause Hair Loss

Can Antibiotics Cause Hair Loss

Updated at Nov 22, 2022
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Each drug has the potential of side effects. These are often minor side effects and generally include nausea, headache, and weariness. Certain treatments, such as antibiotics, might, however, create extra complications, such as hair loss. There are numerous reasons and types of hair loss. While male-pattern baldness is the most prevalent reason, other common factors may include stress, nutrition, or drugs. Certain drugs used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, acne, or depression might cause hair loss.

Antibiotics, for instance, might cause hair shedding and temporary patchiness. To avoid this problem, you must learn why antibiotics cause hair loss and the best techniques to restore hair health. Here is everything you need to know about the antibiotics and hair loss:

How Do Antibiotics Cause Hair Loss?

While antibiotics are among the most strong and effective weapons for treating some illnesses today, they cannot know which bacteria to attack. They kill both beneficial and dangerous bacteria in the body. Antibiotics, as a result, may have a significant impact on beneficial microorganisms in the digestive system. This makes the body's ability to manufacture nutrition from B vitamins more difficult, which might result in substantial hair loss.

Typically, any thinning or shedding of hair caused by antibiotics occurs within two to three months following the use of antibiotics. When the body experiences a significant alteration, such as an illness or the use of medications, healthy hair follicles might begin the telogen phase prematurely. This might happen even after you stop using the medications in some cases. But it is temporary and your hair will most likely grow back.

How to Prevent Hair Loss due to Antibiotics

The good news is that hair loss caused by antibiotics is not permanent. While your hair may seem and feel thinner than regular, this is a temporary problem that will be resolved, and your old hair volume will be restored. If your hair loss is severe, there are a number of options that may assist in the short term. Several popular meals, such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and biotin, have been demonstrated to promote hair development.

Although restoring your diet is helpful for hair regrowth in the short term, if you wish to see permanent results you might consider hair transplant operations. Turkey hair transplant results show how successful and effective the procedure is.

If you have questions like “do hair transplants look natural?” or “are the results of hair transplants permanent?”, you could contact the Asmed team for professional consultation. Contact us now and learn more about what you can do for your hair health!

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