20 Days After Hair Transplant

20 Days After Hair Transplant

Updated at Apr 26, 2023
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With the advancements in hair transplant technology, it is becoming more and more easier to get back to your healthy hair after a hair transplant. It is a procedure that takes time as many know, but with the right care and procedures, you will have no problem recovering from hair transplant. So, in this blog post we will talk about a subject that many are curious about. What happens to your hair after 20 days of hair transplant? Let’s take a look at the process through the days.

First 5 Days of Hair Transplant

The first 5 days of a hair transplant is crucial, because this is where you experience swelling. This is completely normal as your hair scalp is healing.

During this process, you should make sure not to touch your hair a lot, and wash it once a day. After 5 days, the swelling is gone and your scalp is mostly healed after 5 days.If you hae itching you can use antihistamine.

First 10 Days of Hair Transplant

During the first 10 days of your hair transplant, you will be able to see the scab is forming. At the 10th day after the hair transplant, you should strat rinsing off the scabs. Your hair and scabs will shed while washing. On the 12-13 day post op the scabs should be washed off the scalp. Do not worry as this is natural. Itching and tenderness is still usual in the transplanted area during this stage.

First 20 Days of Hair Transplant

After 30 days of fue hair transplant, you can start any type of exercising again. Physical activities are allowed at this stage as your hair scalp is mostly healed. While washing your hair, make sure to use a shampoo that is mild and healthy for your scalp as it needs vitamins and other nutrition to get back in shape.

You can eat whatever you would like, the healthy food is always better for body and hair a swell. Professionals do not recommend smoking after hair transplant as it can damage follicles from inside. Another frequently asked question is, can you shave your head at this stage. You can shave your head 6 months after a hair transplant.

For anything related to hair transplant, Asmed is here to help you. We provide excellent attention to detail for our patients, and we are here with them throughout the way. In our posts, you can find more about hair transplant Turkey with prices, details and more. Moreover, if you want to see the process of healing after hair transplant, such as 4 months after hair transplant, you can check them on our other blog posts.

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