What Can Cause Hair Loss?

What Can Cause Hair Loss?

Updated at Apr 19, 2022
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To understand hair loss and what causes hair loss, you must answer the question, what is hair density? first. Your hair density is simply the number of strands of hair that grow out of your scalp in each square inch. If you have low hair density, you should prefer products that will add more volume to your hair. If you want to learn about your hair density, you could ask a hairstylist to determine it.

It is actually simple to detect whether you are experiencing hair loss. For instance, if your hair falls out gradually, becomes thinner, or cannot regrow itself, you probably are suffering from hair loss. There are numerous reasons for hair loss. The reason is usually easily determined according to the type of hair loss. For instance, patchy hair loss occurs due to alopecia areata capitis whereas diffuse hair loss is usually a result of telogen effluvium.

Here are some reasons of hair loss:

Genetic Hair Loss

Genetic or hereditary hair loss is the most common type of hair loss that is experienced by both men and women. Shrinking in hair due to genetic factors typically begins as you get older. But, for some people, it could even start in your teenage years.

The signs of genetic hair loss is different in men and women. For instance, in women, the first sign is generally overall thinning of hair. In men, the first noticeable sign is bald spots or receding hairlines. When it comes to treatment, there are certain treatments that could help to slow down the hair loss or stop it, but what is lost is hard to regrow. For regrowth, you should get treated as soon as possible.


Another reason for hair loss is aging. It is normal to lose hair as you get old because hair growth slows down as you age. As you get older, your hair also loses its color. Treatment might work if noticed early for some people.

Cancer Treatment

Hair loss is often experienced after a person goes through chemotherapy or radiation therapy due to cancer. Some people lose all their hair after these, whereas some experience thinning. Usually, when the treatment is over, hair starts to regrow within a couple of months. There are some medications that fasten the regrowth after the cancer treatments as well.

Childbirth or Other Stress Factors

It is not that rare that women experience hair loss after giving birth. It might sound terrifying, but it is temporary. With extra attention, hair loss caused by stress that childbirth creates on the body will be easily stopped. Stress is actually very impactful on hair loss in general. When you go through a stressful period in your life, hair loss is very common and natural since stress and hair loss are directly related. However, it is not permanent. When the stress stops, your hair will grow back.

Wrong Hair Care

Extreme coloring or heat processes like perming have very damaging effects on your hair. When applied too much, it will cause your hair to shred or thin. If you apply them way too much, you might want to consider reducing them to protect your hair. Because, once you damage the hair follicles, hair growth will be almost impossible.


Hair loss is a frequent side effect of use of some medications. If you start experiencing hair loss after the use of a certain medication, you might consult your doctor about it. Your doctor might be able to change the prescription so that you will not struggle with hair loss. However, if you use the medication for the short-term, the hair loss will most likely be temporary and stop when you stop using the medication.

Lack of Some Nutrients

If you do not consume enough biotin, protein, omega 3, or zinc, you will probably struggle with hair loss. If you experience hair loss when you are dieting, you might want to check your blood results and create a more balanced diet for yourself. Some of the foods that will be beneficial are red meat, fish like salmon, chicken, walnuts, and avocado.

If you are dealing with hair loss that is temporary, there are several ways to treat or stop it. However, if you are struggling with hair loss that is now irreversible or your body does not respond to the treatments, you could benefit from the advantages of hair transplant in Istanbul.

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