Is It Normal to Lose Hair in the Shower?

Is It Normal to Lose Hair in the Shower?

Updated at Dec 22, 2022
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Hair loss can be either temporary or permanent, affecting the scalp or the entire body. The good news is that hair falling out in the shower is completely natural for everyone, regardless of gender, who experiences some shedding during a scrub. Heredity, hormonal changes, medical disorders, or a normal part of aging can cause it.

Millions of individuals shed their hair every day. So it's very natural to lose some hair when taking a shower, and even if it could happen frequently, you shouldn't be concerned. Usually, it takes a few months for hair loss to resume at its normal rate.

What causes hair loss in the shower?

It's possible that your hair loss when you're in the shower is completely normal. However, if you notice that you have less hair than usual on your head, it could result from one of numerous disorders. One of the potential causes is a disorder known as telogen effluvium, which occurs when an abnormally high number of follicles remain in the telogen phase, inhibiting the growth of new hair. There are many potential reasons for telogen effluvium, including follicular trauma or stress.

Excessive hair loss in the shower may also be a symptom of hereditary pattern baldness, the most prevalent kind of hair loss. Although it can also afflict women, this is more frequently seen in men.

Factors Responsible for Hair Falling Out in the Shower

Before you worry about your hair loss from the shower, there are several things you should know. These factors constitute:

Your hair's thickness: Thicker Hair tends to have a larger total number of hairs. You may lose more hair if you have more of it.

How recently did you take a shower? Hair often dries out in the shower because shampooing or conditioning your hair stimulates your scalp. Your hair that was going to shed is propelled to do so by shampooing. Therefore, more hairs are shedding if you haven't taken a shower in a few days.

Your most recent hair brushing or combing session: When brushing and combing your hair, similar to when you wash, you may start to notice hair loss.

How to prevent hair from falling out in the shower

Taking gentle care of your hair

Loss of hair due to breaking can be accelerated by using heat styling tools, rough brushing techniques, or powerful chemicals on your hair.

By taking precautions like switching to a gentle shampoo, allowing your hair air dry after bathing, or limiting wearing very tight hairstyles, you can minimize the amount of hair that drops out later in the shower.

Making dietary changes

To grow hair, your body requires a range of vitamins and minerals. Which vitamin is best for hair?

  • Iron
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin A etc

Although vitamins are readily available, adding more nutrient-dense foods to your diet is frequently the greatest method to integrate nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables with vibrant colors are great providers of nutrition. For example, you can boost the health of your hair by adding one to two a day.

Avoiding Rubber Bands

A tight ponytail can put stress on the hair roots. In addition, rubber bands firmly grasp the hair, leading to increased hair loss. Use hair bands made of cotton or silk instead of rubber bands because they are gentler on your hair.

Hair loss is one of the most prevalent ailments people experience in varying degrees throughout their lives. Most people become aware of hair loss when they observe hair clumps adhering to their bathroom drain. However, there is no need to panic if you notice your hair falling out as you shower.

If you believe you wash your hair every day and lose significantly more than 100 hairs, it could be time to consult a specialist. Getting in touch with Asmed will provide you with everything necessary to combating hair loss in shower. In the event that you have lost a significant amount of hair and need a transplant, you can also go to the Asmed page for a Turkey Hair Transplant Procedure.

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