Is Hair Loss Hereditary

Is Hair Loss Hereditary

Updated at Nov 22, 2022
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When it comes to hair loss, people have a lot of questions, especially about hereditary hair loss. Many people are concerned that they will lose their hair because other members of their family are bald or have thinning hair. Thankfully, there are several permanent solutions for genetic hair loss, such as FUE hair transplant. So, you do not need to stress extremely about losing your hair and keep yourself under pressure all the time. Here is what you need to know about hereditary hair loss:

Hereditary hair loss, commonly known as pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, is one of the most prevalent causes of hair loss in men specifically. It is a hereditary disorder that changes the hair development cycle, reducing the period of time the hair is actively growing.

What Causes Hereditary Hair Loss?

Hereditary hair loss progress is determined by the hair cycle and the hormone called dihydrotestosterone or, shortly, DHT. DHT shortens the hair development cycle, causing it to spend a shorter period in the growing stage before falling out. The hair that follows the falling strand is finer and shorter, and the follicle eventually shuts down and no hair grows. That is, the hair will gradually weaken and fall out, finally leaving you bald. So, if you are genetically inclined to hair loss, it is most likely due to sensitivity to DHT.

Can I Prevent Hereditary Hair Loss?

Hereditary hair loss is an actual problem that is coded in genes. However, it does not mean every person who has bald people in their family will lose their hair. There is no scientific cure to prevent hereditary hair loss from happening since it is coded in your DNA. However, there are certain possible tips you could benefit from to slow down the cycle or regain your hair. Following a nutritious and well-balanced diet, for instance, may help maintain your hair's health. Hair care is also very essential for hair growth since keeping your scalp healthy might assist to avoid hair thinning.

If you wish to regain your hair, however, you could choose medical alternatives, such as medications. For some people medication could help but if you want a permanent solution for your hair loss, you could consider a hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant operations are commonly preferred and successful procedures. You could check Turkey hair transplant results for yourself and see how effective the procedure is. Of course before jumping into a surgical procedure, you might learn more about hair transplant stages, hair transplant donor area recovery, and whether you are an eligible candidate for a hair transplant operation.

If you are worried about your hair loss and desire to speak with a hair loss professional, the Asmed doctors are here at your service. At Asmed, we provide a variety of treatment options to help with various forms of hair loss, including hereditary hair loss. For more information and consultation, reach out now!

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