How to Stimulate Hair Growth

How to Stimulate Hair Growth

Updated at Dec 22, 2022
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Each hair shaft is formed of keratin, a protein with multiple layers of flat cells, which makes up the hair. Your dermis, which holds your hair to the scalp, contains hair follicles from which each hair shaft develops. These hair shafts can develop into either delicate, short vellus hair or dense, long terminal hair. Even though the hair is the human body's fastest-growing tissue, trying to grow it longer or thicker might feel like a never-ending waiting game.

It can seem like a continuous waiting game to try to lengthen or thicken hair. Although human hair is the tissue that grows the fastest, it only grows on average between 0.5 and 1.7 centimeters per month or between two and eight inches per year. That increase may seem negligible when you're waiting for it to happen. In addition, your hair's growth rate will vary depending on age, hair type, general health, and any associated medical concerns.

How to make your hair grow stronger

Use vitamins and nutrients

Although many businesses advertise vitamins or supplements to encourage hair development, they sometimes have a noticeable impact on hair length. This is because the human body requires energy to develop the hair. Therefore it may be affected if you taken in too little calories and lack specific nutrients.

Generally, receiving your vitamins and nutrients through food is ideal. Even so, consider consuming some vitamins, especially if you have a deficiency.

Take keratin supplements

Protein supplements, particularly keratin, may help people with protein deficiencies maintain healthy hair because hair loss is a symptom of a protein deficiency.

Lay off the bleach.

You might be prevented from having the longest hair possible by going from a darker shade of blonde to light blonde. When the cuticle of the hair is affected by bleach, there may be increased breakage or split ends. Your hair will grow better with less chemical treatments.

Brush hair regularly.

When you're exhausted, it may be tempting to skip brushing your hair before bed, but doing so can be beneficial for the general health of your hair and scalp.

Tips for Healthy Hair

Here are a few guidelines or tips for maintaining healthy hair and keep it in a good condition.

  • As part of your morning ritual, take a vitamin for solid hair.
  • Stop using bleach.
  • Pay attention to scalp care and maintain a cooler shower temperature
  • Shield hair against deterioration.
  • Regularly massage your scalp.

When to consult a physician about hair growth

Any worries you may have about your hair, such as concerns about severely damaged hair or limited hair development, should be discussed with a doctor. The average hair growth rate is around six inches yearly or half an inch monthly. You have one follicle for each hair on your head. This is an average, after all, so individual results may vary.

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