How To Choose Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey

How To Choose Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey

Updated at Feb 17, 2022

In Turkey, there are thousands of clinics that perform hair transplant procedures. There are some considerations we must make in order to select the best clinic from among so many options. Professional team, use of cutting-edge technology, a limited number of operations, and the use of a microscope are just a few of the factors to consider when making a decision.

Professional Team

Hair transplantation is a collaborative effort. The team must be successful and well-educated in hair transplantation, as well as have a conscientious attitude. The team of trained health workers who are successful in their field and have proven themselves by working in this business for years is the most important key to success in hair transplantation. Our hair restoration operations are one of the best in the country, and we are proud of our service.

High-Technology Application

The use of high-tech products contributes to the success of hair transplantation. In today's technology, clinics must have all technological innovations in the field of hair transplantation to make hair transplantation more comfortable and efficient. In the past, for example, local anesthesia was administered using only a needle. The person's pain is now reduced as much as possible by using the needle-free painless anesthesia method. Denser implantation is possible with the FUE method allows you to implant between existing hairs without shaving. Technology plays a critical role in hair transplant procedures. Thus, the success rate of hair transplant is higher than ever.

Limited Number Of Operations

Hair transplantation procedures should be planned completely personally and carried out with great care. Hair transplant procedures performed in some clinics with a high volume of daily operations reduce quality and have a direct negative impact on the outcome. Some clinics perform 20-30 operations per day on average. Some clinics operate as a boutique, performing 1-3 operations per day. Of course, the most important aspect here is the skilled team of doctors and nurses who perform the operation. As a result, we recommend that you select clinics with a limited number of operations that can provide you with more specialized services and operate as boutiques.

Using a Microscope

Another procedure that we value and carefully execute in hair transplantation in Turkey is the separation of extracted follicles based on the number of hair strands using a microscope. This separation process is a major factor in providing a much more natural look after transplantation and not being recognized by others as having had hair transplantation done.

What Is the Purpose of Using a Microscope in Hair Transplantation?

The number of grafts and the quality of the grafts in the donor area vary from person to person. We use a microscope to separate the grafts because single roots implanted into the hairline border give us a much more natural look. If the grafts, which contain multiple hair strands, are implanted into the front hairline border, an unnatural look is formed; based on our experiences, we perform this process carefully for each of our customers.

At Asmed, we strive for the best results by using the maximum number of grafts for each customer while adhering to the standard pricing policy. Because a good hair transplant center should always prioritize the happiness of the person undergoing the procedure. You can book a hair transplant consultation on our website, and find the most suitable operations for yourself. Learn more about hair transplant prices, the FUE technique and other hair-related facts.

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