Fue Hair Transplant Turkey

Fue Hair Transplant Turkey

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FUE hair transplantation (follicular unit extraction) is a cutting-edge technique used to permanently solve hair loss and baldness problems around the world. FUE hair transplantation, a three-stage procedure, is based on the principle of transplanting hair follicles (grafts) collected from the hairy area to bald areas where thinning is visible. People who are experiencing hair loss can now have natural, healthy, and lush hair consisting of their own hair follicles that they can use for the rest of their lives in just 7-8 hours thanks to FUE hair transplantation. FUE hair transplantation is one of the most popular aesthetic applications among men today; it allows both men and women to have healthy hair that looks as natural as their own hair in a safe, painless, quick, and comfortable manner.

The doctor meticulously examines the person to be transplanted hair, and facial structure. It determines the hairline and how many hair follicles are required in which area by taking millimetric measurements. Correctly determining the hairline is critical in terms of the naturalness of the transplanted hair, which cannot be distinguished from one's own hair. FUE hair transplantation is performed in three stages by a doctor who is an expert in the field of hair transplantation and a professionally trained and experienced team in synchronized teamwork: collecting hair follicles from the donor area (nape area), opening channels to the bald area, and transplanting the collected follicles into these channels must be carried out.

The hair follicles collected in FUE hair transplantation are meticulously planted one by one, in accordance with the natural growth direction of the opened channels and the hair in that area. The team's synchronized work and dexterity are critical in this process, which requires a lot of attention. All of these procedures are completed on the same day, within 7-8 hours, with FUE hair transplantation. If the person does not have an aesthetic concern on the day of the hair transplant, they can easily resume their social life.

The duration of the targeted results in hair transplantation varies depending on your hair and skin structure, your age, and the rate of shedding in your hair. For example, afro hair transplant would be different from a caucasian person. Likewise, hair transplant at 25 will be different from hair transplant at 40. The transplanted hair starts to show itself in about three months. In 6-7 months, 70% of the hair grows. Although the hair changes from person to person, it takes its final shape as planned in about 12-18 months. The application of supportive hair treatments after hair transplantation accelerates this process.

There is a slight swelling and redness in the transplantation area after FUE hair transplantation; this goes away on its own after a few days. For a week, there are crusts the size of a pinhead in the planting area. This ambiguous situation does not prevent the individual from returning to his work and social life. Following the application, the individual can easily resume his social life on the same day. Only for the first month should you avoid swimming after hair transplantation in the sea, pool, and solarium, as well as being exposed to direct sunlight and participating in strenuous sports.

Asmed gives each patient detailed information about the procedure based on their specific needs and requirements, as well as advice on how to care for their hair. You can learn everything related to your hair transplant from our medical professionals, and start your hair transplantation journey. Just contact us and together we can decide on the best path possible for you.

Our aim is to provide the highest medical care to our patients at Asmed. We aim to provide our patients with the highest level of medical care in order to ensure their safety and comfort. We provide detailed information about the process to each patient based on their specific requirements and needs. Our priority is to fulfill our patient’s unique needs.

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