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Dr Koray Erdogan - 1500 grafts FUE

ASMED Hair Treatments - Dr Koray Erdogan

1500 grafts FUE extracted by titanium manual punch, diameter 0.7 - 0.9 mm.

Incisions performed by: custom made blades, coronal lateral slit




Hair transplant Turkey is a popular location to get a FUE hair transplant, which is the latest in hair restoration surgery. FUE involves the removal of grafts using a manual or motorized punch. At Asmed, we only use a manual punch, with each graft being examined prior to removal. Maintaining a safe and sanitary environment during the surgery is crucial. Some clinics forgo this crucial step due to the maintenance being an expensive part to keep their costs low, for us this is one of the most important factors. We keep our sanity standards above and beyond expectations with our clinics accreditation depending on our sanitation as well as our customer satisfaction.

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