Hair Transplant Mexico vs. Turkey

Hair Transplant Mexico vs. Turkey

Updated at May 16, 2022
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A hair transplant is an operation used to eliminate hair loss or baldness. In Europe or the US, hair transplant surgeries are very expensive, so, people from these areas consider visiting different countries for this surgery. Turkey and Mexico are considered great choices for hair transplants, both in terms of the quality of the operations and prices. Both Mexico and Turkey have outstanding success rates when it comes to hair transplant operations. If you are wondering how to choose the best country for hair transplant, you need to consider several factors to find out the best option for you. Some of these factors are costs, safety, and success rates of hair transplant. Of course, it does not matter which country you undergo the surgery, as long as you do not prefer a good and qualified clinic.

Price Comparison for Hair Transplant in Turkey and Mexico

Health insurance companies categorize hair transplants as beauty operations and not medical ones. Therefore, if you consider getting a hair transplant, your insurance will not cover the cost, but you will be paying for all expenses. The cost of hair transplants is an extremely crucial factor when deciding you will prefer one. There are different factors that determine the cost of hair transplants. The most important factor is the number of hair grafts needed for your surgery. This number depends on the level of baldness and the expectations after surgery, so it varies among people. Therefore, we cannot say that there is a fixed price for a hair transplant surgery. However, on average, 2000 to 3000 hair grafts are enough. The average price for a hair transplant with 3000 hair grafts in Mexico is $6,000 whereas, in Turkey, it is around $3,000. Of course, for some people, the number of hair grafts required could go up as high as 5000. If you want to learn about how much 5000 grafts hair transplants cost in Turkey or Mexico, you might need to do extensive research. However, as could be seen, Turkey hair transplant costs are cheaper compared to Mexico and other countries in general.

Which is Better: Turkey or Mexico?

Medical tourism is a very popular type of tourism that is growing across the world. Turkey and Mexico are both very popular in this type of tourism. They are highly preferred especially for hair transplant operations. If you have heard about both these countries’ reputations and are trying to choose one, you might need to consider several factors before making a decision. The cost of a hair transplant is not limited to the cost of the surgery. You need to also consider the cost of accommodation and transportation. You also should consider the quality of the transplant and the security of the country. Turkey is known as one of the most reliable places for hair transplants. Many international patients experience a hair transplant journey in Turkey securely. Turkey has a lot of experience when it comes to health tourism and hair transplants, whereas Mexico is rather a beginner in the field of medical tourism, especially in hair transplant operations.

Both Mexico and Turkey are known for their success in FUE hair transplant surgeries. So, if a good clinic and an experienced doctor are preferred, both countries are very promising for an FUE hair transplant operation. However, Mexico is not as successful or experienced as Turkey when it comes to DHI operations. Aside from FUE hair transplant in Turkey, DHI is an advanced hair transplant technique performed successfully in clinics in Turkey.

When it comes to choosing the best alternative for an operation like hair transplant operations, you might have numerous concerns and questions. It is normal to take time and consider all factors to find the best alternative for you. Asmed is one of the reputable hair transplant clinics in Turkey. If you have any questions about the hair transplant procedures and steps, you could easily contact the professionals in Asmed to get detailed information. Doctors in Asmed are highly qualified and experienced in the field of hair transplants, so they will make sure to guide you correctly along the way. To learn more about the hair transplant costs in Turkey or how to decide if you will undergo this operation, please reach out!

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