When Will Transplanted Hair Start to Grow

When Will Transplanted Hair Start to Grow

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If you're having treatment for hair loss or thinning hair, you're bound to have a lot of questions and worries. You'll want to know if you'll be able to locate a long-term solution. You will almost certainly inquire about your recovery time and any discomfort that may be related with a surgery. If the treatment involves a hair transplant, the timescale for hair regrowth will be a major concern.

You may be wondering how long it will take for the new hair to grow. If you're seeking the answer, Asmed can assist you. We want you to understand how our procedure works and when you can expect a fuller, healthier-looking head of hair.

Everyone nowadays is concerned with personal appearance, which includes skin and hair. Many people experience hair loss and are concerned about baldness as a result of their unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, the amount of people going for hair transplants is growing. You, like many others, may be wondering if your hair will come back following the transplant.

Hair Transplant After Two Weeks

Now, you may ask, how is hair transplant growth timeline? Let’s take a look. You might not see a difference after hair transplant first week, so the timeline starts with two weeks. During this period, the patient will begin to experience hair loss, a natural part of development that has been known for ages, but it keeps giving people anxiety and stress. Do not worry, the hair falling off will not last.

Shedding will result in new healthier hair cells to grow. There will be no more big adjustments from two weeks to a month.

4 Months After Hair Transplant

The lost hair continues to grow, but since it lacks strength and cannot penetrate the scalp, it may cause skin problems. If the pain is extreme, you can go to your Clinic for immediate treatment. Some individuals may confuse folliculitis with an infection. If there is an infection, it will be followed by additional inflammatory symptoms that will develop with time. Meanwhile, folliculitis and its symptoms usually clear up within ten days.

8 Months After Hair Transplant

Hair begins to develop at a higher density than before between the ages of four and eight months. Some hair is not pigmented and seems brittle, but the hair structure will improve in terms of color and strength with time.

Hair growth after hair transplant becomes more evident after 8 months, and the pace of growth increased as well. In a year, the hair will not alter much. At that moment, you will be able to see the final outcome of the surgery. Minor modifications might take many months.

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