Male Pattern Baldness by Ethnicity

Male Pattern Baldness by Ethnicity

Updated at Apr 19, 2022
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Male pattern baldness is a hair problem that affects over half of the men above the age of 50. Most men struggle with pattern baldness throughout their life. Male pattern baldness is also known as genetic hair loss and is the most common hair loss type among men. Pattern baldness among men is usually experienced around the ages of 30 and 40. It is already known that men are more affected by pattern baldness than women, but another common concern is whether the different ethnicity hair types have different levels of subjectivity to pattern baldness. The answer to this question is yes, racial differences actually affect the occurrence rates of male pattern baldness. For instance, among Asian men, Japanese men tend to lose hair the most. . In general, however, the highest rates of male pattern baldness are found among Caucasian men. The second highest rates belong to Afro-Caribbeans. Native Americans, on the other hand, do not struggle much with male pattern baldness.

As mentioned, pattern baldness is genetic, that is, hereditary. This means that male pattern baldness actually runs in the family. If your father or grandfather struggled with baldness at an earlier age, you have higher chances to suffer from baldness than a man who has no bald males in his family. Especially, if your maternal grandfather or brothers of your mother experienced baldness, the chances of you experiencing pattern baldness will be even higher.

Different Types of Pattern Baldness

As it is mentioned, pattern baldness is mostly genetic. No ethnicity is protected from pattern baldness. Of course, some ethnic groups will suffer more than others or vice versa, but no ethnic group experiences zero pattern baldness cases. That is, regardless of your ethnicity, the chances of you experiencing pattern baldness are not zero. However, certain genetic differences among ethnic groups will lead to different types of male pattern baldness . So, there is not just one type of male pattern baldness in the world.

For instance, research shows that for men with Latin backgrounds, hair loss tends to start at the hairline and spread around the scalp. When it comes to men with Nordic backgrounds, hair loss starts at the center of the hairline, then spreads around the scalp.

Caucasian Men Suffer from Pattern Baldness the Most

When it comes to the question of which ethnic group struggles most with male pattern baldness, studies have an answer for that: Caucasian men. Other ethnicities where male pattern baldness is very common are Afro-Caribbeans. The United Kingdom is the leader in male pattern baldness among European countries. Asian men, on the other hand, have the lowest rates of pattern baldness.

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