How Much Areas Do 2000 Grafts Cover

How Much Areas Do 2000 Grafts Cover

Updated at Apr 11, 2022

The majority of people who suffer from hair loss may ask, "How many grafts do I require for a hair transplant?" and "Will I require more than one session for a hair transplant?". They want to find out what they can do to restore the volume of their thinning or balding hair, however, we have observed a number of misconceptions about the hair transplant procedure, which frequently come to light during the consultation to assess the hair loss pattern and the needs of our patients, particularly with regard to the number of grafts to be harvested and transplanted.

It is critical that we all agree that all hair transplant methods involve the removal of tiny punch grafts from your hair-bearing scalp skin, as patients frequently misunderstand the concept of hair graft surgery. It can be FUE or not, or hair transplant from another person, does not matter.

What Exactly Is A Hair Graft?

A graft is a medical term that refers to a piece of healthy tissue that has been removed from your body and transplanted to repair another damaged or weakened part of your body. Hair grafts are small scalp tissues made up of a few hair follicles that are used in hair transplantation. As a result, you may be wondering how graft surgery works in hair transplants.

'Donor Dominance' meant that the balding recipient site would take on the characteristics of the follicular unit grafts extracted from the donor area's healthy tissues. In other words, after hair follicles are grafted from the donor site, the balding recipient site will begin to grow healthy hair again.

Because the number of hair follicles in a hair follicle and the follicular density in a graft can vary depending on a variety of factors, you no longer need to perform mathematical operations to calculate the cost of hair transplantation per graft.

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Hair That Can Be Extracted From The Donor Area?

There are a few critical aspects that online hair transplant graft calculator applications frequently fail to disclose. The number of grafts that can be extracted through your donor area is limited. For example, while it is possible to harvest 5000-8000 grafts from an average patient's donor area because grafts are extracted with 40% or 50% density, surgeons typically do not extract grafts extensively. It is simply due to the fact that patients may not have or require as many grafts. As a result, you should consult with your surgeon to determine how many grafts you require. Similarly, depending on the number of grafts required, particularly in extensive procedures such as full hair coverage with hair transplant, you should discuss how many grafts you can get in one session. It's because different hair restoration surgery techniques allow for a different number of grafts to be transplanted in a single session.

Finally, we've discovered that many patients associate a greater number of grafts with better outcomes. This isn't always the case, as the main criteria should be that transplanted follicles survive and appear natural and harmonious with your overall appearance. People want to know "how much do 2000 grafts cover?" with a one-size-fits-all approach without consulting a professional, but it is technically impossible to reach a conclusion without taking all of these factors into account. As a result, Asmed strongly advises you to contact us so that we can discuss your hair loss and provide you with the best graft transplant plan possible.

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