Hairline Transplant Turkey

Hairline Transplant Turkey

Updated at Mar 25, 2022
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Hairline transplantation to the frontal area is a technique that can be used by people who have a wide forehead and are unhappy with their appearance. The goal of this procedure is to provide patients with a new, natural, and much more aesthetic front hairline.

The front hairline reveals information about a person's expression and age. In terms of appearance, the first impression is crucial. When meeting people face to face, the front hairline will be effective in terms of external appearance due to its proximity to eye level. People can change their appearance by determining their front hairline correctly. They reveal their facial beauty and eliminate their aged appearance. People who have a retracted or far behind front hairline appear tired, exhausted, and old. Both men and women who want to get rid of such an unsightly external appearance may prefer hair transplantation to the forehead area.

In humans, forehead opening can be congenital or the result of hair loss. In total, there are three major causes of forehead deficits. Congenital (hereditary) forehead opening, hair loss only in the forehead area, male pattern hair loss, congenital (hereditary) forehead opening, as the name suggests, has been present in the person's natural appearance since birth. However, as we age, the opening grows larger, giving the appearance of baldness in the front hairline area. This has a negative impact on people's natural appearance. This issue is easily solved by transplanting hair to areas where hair has never grown before.

Forehead opening as a result of spills that develop only in the forehead area is a condition that can occur later in life. For whatever reason, hair loss begins in the front hairline, leaving an opening. In such cases, an experienced hair transplant specialist should determine the cause of hair loss and eliminate it. This type of hair loss usually ends at a certain point. This issue can be resolved by performing hair transplantation on the opened and thinned area.

Forehead opening due to male pattern hair loss is a condition that develops later in life and worsens over time. Male pattern hair loss is caused by genetic factors. It is most common in people who have a family history of this type of hair loss.

The first stage of male pattern hair loss is the weakening and appearance of hair on the crown. Later, openings appear on the forehead, which combines with spills that form on the crown to form baldness. Due to regional hair transplants that have been initiated from the beginning, the patient will never experience complete baldness in this case.

How is Hair Transplantation Used in the Forehead?

It is best to use the micro FUE method for hair transplantation on the brow. Because the grafts are extracted from the donor area one by one and transplanted one by one, it is very easy to determine the most natural front hairline suitable for the patient using this method. Aside from that, hair transplantation on the forehead is identical. In terms of application, it is identical to hair transplantation on the entire head.

The number of grafts used in hair transplantation in the frontal area is lower than the average. As a result, it will require less labor and be completed in less time. As a result, the cost is also lower. The patient will also benefit from a shorter and easier recovery due to the low number of transplanted grafts.

At Asmed, the health of our patients is our first priority. We provide each patient with detailed information about the procedure according to their specific needs and requirements, as well as advice on how to care for hair transplant recovery. You can get information by contacting us.

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