Finasteride results after 6 months

Finasteride results after 6 months

Updated at Jan 18, 2023
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A medication called finasteride is used to treat male benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and male pattern hair loss (gradual thinning of the scalp hair causes a receding hairline or top of the head balding in men). Additionally, it can be used as a component of hormone therapy for transgender women and to treat excessive female hair development in women.

It treats male pattern hair loss by preventing the body from producing a male hormone that inhibits hair growth on the scalp. Finasteride, taken orally, is the only medication for treating hair loss and requires a private prescription.

Finasteride results after 6 months.

Even if you undergo a hair transplant without finasteride, the transplant will still be effective. However, this medication is recommended to stop additional hair loss.

The transplanted hair will continue to grow unaffected by finasteride. Even though hair transplants are a long-term cure for hair loss, it is still possible to lose hair outside of the transplanted areas, and this might result in an undesirable appearance as male pattern baldness advances. After a successful fue hair transplant, finasteride can help you maintain natural hair on your head and stop further hair loss.

Your hair follicles require time to start growing new hairs, but if you take finasteride as directed, they begin functioning immediately. However, once you begin taking finasteride, it often takes three to six months before you see any changes to your hairline or hair thickness.

These might be the stability of hair loss in your hairline or crown, a slight but noticeable improvement in hair thickness, or a decrease in the typical volume of hair you lose each day.

After the fue hair transplant, the medication must be taken as directed by a physician. Turkey is among the best countries to receive an effective and affordable hair transplant.

Turkey, notably Istanbul, is the heart of hair transplantation and a historically significant and attractive tourist destination. Numerous travelers visit Turkey annually to receive safe surgical procedures. The hair transplant turkey has grown in popularity due to their doctors' knowledge and dependability, their efficient approach based on follicular unit extraction, or FUE, and their ability to conduct hair transplants at reasonable pricing. One shouldn't assume that low pricing equals low-quality services.

Hair transplant in Turkey is done using the FUE technique, which is usually expensive and necessitates a highly skilled surgeon to achieve the desired result. Hair follicles from the donor area are removed and transplanted to the recipient spot during this procedure. This hair transplant method for treating hair loss is very safe and minimally invasive. Its appeal is mostly because it heals more quickly and leaves fewer scars than other procedures.

You can visit the Asmed website and speak with our experts to learn more about the transplant procedure, and what to expect after the procedure. The medical professionals at Asmed will ensure you receive all the information you need and give you as much consultation and guidance as you need.

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