Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker?

Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker?

Updated at Mar 13, 2023
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It's a common misunderstanding that shaving makes your hair thicker, but it isn’t simply true. Actually, shaving has no impact at all on your hair's thickness. After shaving, it could seem thicker since the ends of the hair are typically blunt, which makes them look thicker. The thickness of the hair hasn't actually changed. Shaving will just make it look like the ends of the hair are thicker. Hair grows in follicles, and this has consequences. Hair follicle size determines the thickness of your hair, which is composed of keratin proteins. Shaving does not impact hair thickness as it does not affect keratin.

Another reason shaving makes hair appear thicker is that when hair is clipped, it begins to grow back at the same moment, giving the appearance of thicker hair. Nevertheless, the reason it appears thicker is merely that the hair is growing back at the same time and is now shorter. Some may argue that because their hair is coarser, it feels thicker after shaving. The coarser texture is due to the hair being cut at an acute angle. Yet, this has minimal effect on the true thickness of the hair.

What Makes Your Hair Thicker?

The size of a hair follicle determines hair thickness at first. The thicker the hair, the greater the hair follicle. Yet, there are additional variables that may contribute to thicker hair. Consider a few of them below.

  • Heredity: Since genetics plays a big role in determining hair thickness, it is likely that you will have thick hair if your parents or grandparents do.
  • Hormones: Hormones affect the thickness and development of hair. For instance, increased levels of androgen hormones like testosterone might result in thicker hair.
  • Health in general: Thickness and general hair health can be influenced by a good diet and lifestyle.
  • Treatment for hair growth: A doctor may prescribe minoxidil or finasteride if hair thinning or loss is a concern in order to encourage healthy hair growth and thickness.
  • Hair Transplant: This is one of the best methods to get fuller and thicker hair. Most people who get one do not regret getting one. There are great turkey hair transplant results that would encourage you to get one.

You should shave your head before the hair transplant procedure, but you can also choose a hair transplant without shaving head. It's called the UFUE (unshaven FUE) hair treatment.


It is a fallacy that shaving thickens hair. The hair's true thickness is unchanged, despite the way it has been cut, making it appear thicker. Consult a specialist if you're worried about your hair's thickness, and take good care of it by shaving properly and practicing healthy behaviors. If you practice healthy hair growth exercises, your hair can grow better.

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