Does Radiation Cause Hair Loss

Does Radiation Cause Hair Loss

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Many people can be affected by radiation due to many reasons: From a cancer treatment that includes radiation to being exposed to it for a different reason, it can affect your hair too. If you are undergoing a cancer treatment that requires radiotherapy, your hair is probably falling off. But do not worry, as there are ways to gain your hair back. Here, we will talk about how radiation causes hair loss and what you can do to prevent it.

Radiation and Hair Loss

We know that radiation can actually trigger hair loss. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, your whole body might be affected by radiation and this will have different results depending on your body parts. However, if you are affected by radiation through a specific body part, the rest of your body is likely to be affected. If you are exposed to radiation on your hair area, your hair follicles will be affected. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about it. Also, radiation does not necessarily mean you are losing hair because of it. There are different types of hair loss to be aware of.

The sad part is that if you were exposed to high levels of radiation through long times, permanent hair loss can occur as well. This is especially the case for patients who have tumors in their head or neck.

Regrowing Hair After Hair Loss

If you are suffering from long-term radiation alopecia, which is another name for hair loss through radiation, you are not out of options. Medical treatments are available for all hair loss types, and there are tips for healthy hair you can apply to prevent your hair from falling out.

One important way to regrow your hair after radiation is through prescriptions and vitamins. You may ask, which vitamin is best for your hair? It depends on your hair type and needs. The best way to know is to talk to your doctor. You can consult a doctor and go through a solution together, as they are able to prescribe medication that can help you with your hair loss. There is also low-level laser therapy that can stimulate the blood on your hair follicles to strengthen them. You can also check other ways to elevate blood flow on your head.

Another and the most powerful way to regain your hair after being exposed to radiation is, in fact, hair transplantation. Hair transplant is a quick and painless way to regrow your hair, and with the right professionals it can be better than any method. From FUE to FUT, you can choose from many different techniques and get the best outcome.


So, in general, it is possible to say that radiation can cause hair loss. If you undergo cancer therapy, you may be losing hair as a side effect. Although not all hair loss is permanent, if you are exposed to radiation for long times it can be permanent.But do not worry.

You can always consult a professional in Asmed to talk through the symptoms and solutions. We provide hair transplant operations with the highest care possible. For alopecia consultation and more, you can check our other blog posts regarding hair health.

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