Curly Hair Transplant

Curly Hair Transplant

Updated at Apr 19, 2022
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A hair transplant is an operation applied completely or locally to eliminate hair loss caused by several reasons. Today, there are numerous methods that people who suffer from hair loss could benefit from when it comes to hair transplants. Doctors decide the best method depending on the structure of the patient’s hair. Some concerns with hair transplants are whether a black male hair transplant is possible, whether is hair transplant permanent , does transplanted hair grow, or could the transplant procedure be done on curly hair. Every person’s hairstyle is different. And for each style, different methods are used for hair transplant. If you wonder about curly hair transplants, here is some basic knowledge:

Can Curly Hair Be Transplanted?

Hair transplants are performed for people with curly hair as well. However, curly hair should be approached more sensitively than straight hair is approached. The key point to consider before the hair transplant for curly hair is being aware of the structure of the hair. This is important because curly hair follicles have a different structure than straight hair. Before the hair transplant for curly hair, careful hair analysis should be done. With the hair analysis, the doctors will acknowledge the curl density of your hair follicles under the scalp. With the help of hair analysis, surgeons will be able to prevent the loss of hair follicles in the donor area. After a thorough hair analysis, your doctors will decide the best technique for you, and the transplant process will start.

Generally, the most common hair transplant techniques for curly-haired people are DHI hair transplant and FUE hair transplant . With both techniques, hair follicles are taken from the donor area and kept in solution for better quality. The removal of hair follicles should be done very carefully. After the hair follicles are removed, the actual transplant begins. Hair follicles from the donor area are carefully planted in the opened channels.

Will Hair Transplant Change the Structure of Curly Hair?

It is typically not expected for the hair structure to alter after the hair transplant procedure. That is, the hair that comes out after the hair transplant for curly hair will be curly as well. Moreover, the follicles that are taken are the patient’s own hair follicles. So, a change in hair structure after the surgery is very unlikely. The same goes for patients with straight or wavy hair.

The most crucial point during a curly hair transplant is the direction of hair follicles. That is, curly hair follicles should be planted according to the direction of their growth. Otherwise, the results will be very undesirable for the patient after the hair grows post-surgery.

Regardless of your hair type or hair structure, it is very important to get a hair transplant from skilled and experienced doctors and specialists. Here in Asmed, we offer you great professionalism. If you have any questions or problems regarding hair transplants in Istanbul or hair diseases, you can contact us. Making sure you will with all of your questions answered and concerns solved is our top priority. If you want to benefit from the many advantages of hair transplant in Turkey, be sure to contact us and our team will be sure that you will have the best experience.

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